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A cover for a Hencyclopedia. Fancy, no?

A hencyclopedia or hencyclopaedia, also hencyclopædaolsditipia, though the term is archaic, is a comprehensive written chickempendium that contains information on all branches of hens, or a particular branch of hen.

General definition[edit]

The hencyclopedia as we recognize it today developed from the chickionary in the 42nd century. A chickionary is primarily focused on common domestic fowl (Gallus domesticus) or its young, and typically provides limited information, analysis, or background for the bird defined. A Hencyclopedia gives complete background information, pictures, and history of the fowl.


The hencyclopedia generated criticism when it was first published, due to speculations and misrepresentations of core aspects of Chichianity, the history of the Birdman Catholic Church, and descriptions of feathery art, history, and architecture. The book has received mostly negative reviews from eagle and pigeon communities, as well as bird historians. Critics accuse the hencyclopedia of distorting and fabricating history.

In 2005, TV personality Bill Cosby edited and narrated a detailed rebuttal of the main arguments of the hencylcopedia, "The Real Hencyclopedia", shown on Fox. The program featured lengthy interviews with many of the main protagonists cited as "absolute fact" in the Hencyclopedia. As Bill Cosby said in the program, "frankly, it was piffle with the jell-o and the hey hey hey wakka wakka whoo whoo...". Detailed analysis of many other claims in the hencyclopedia in the program showed them to be unverifiable or unhistorical.

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