High School Musical

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High School Musical A musical, set in a High School, in America

Plot The decadent capitalists carry on with their miserable pathetic and petty lives while strife and poverty goes on around them. The High school is divided along class lines with the Elites: The Jocks The Middle: Drama people The Proletariat: Nerds A memebr of the elite and the proletariat fall in love with each other before bitterly realizing that love is a capitalist illusion. They go there seperate ways, soon after the Nerds rise up and declare a school soviet. Then it turns out the new girl is actually a Konoha ninja on a secret mission to destroy the Hidden Village of Wild Cats. She kills basketball boy, and everyone else, while screaming "Stick to the status quo!"

Controversy There is much controversy over the bloody seizure of power and the accompanying torture/sado-masochism scenes that follow.

Sharpais HOT!!