IEEE 1394

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The Incredibly Evil Ebayer's Empire (IEEE 1394) is a country in the South West East of the world. It is led by King Boudewijn I, former king of Belgium. He founded IEEE 1394 after the second almost permanent death of Bill Gates in 1394. This event caused the fourth intifada, during which all the windows of the Belgian's homes were thrown in. As a result of the destruction of windows, all the pets of the Belgians - known as Incredibly Evil Ebayers - were set free. As Belgium does not exist, the Incredible Evil Ebayers assembled on an ice cube to sail away and find their own real country. But as they discoverred that the North Sea has no ice cream salesmen, they got impatient and just started buying land from the people of Happy-Land, via ebay and without paying. As a result, the population of Happy-Land was less happier and they had to increase their import of Kittens substantially to accomplish their former well known level of happiness. The country didn't get out of this recession until 1939.


There is very little known about IEEE 1394 because every time somebody orders information about the country, the documents mysteriously seem to disappear in the mail... Therefore IEEE 1394 is even today not indicated on any world map. Queen Amidala has already announced to have found the perfect inquistador to locate this mysterious land. Christopher Columbus claims to find this country at all cost:

“I'm going to fucking find that country, I have done it before, and I will do it again.”

~ Christopher Columbus on IEEE 1394