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Jim Davis (born October 34th, 2072) came back in time to create Garfield before the real creator of Garfield Bob Miller had a chance to. Bob Miller initially created Garfield in 1987, but because Jim Davis travelled back in time to an era before Bob Miller created Garfield, it was no longer Bob Miller's creation and subsequently became Davis'.

Sex Magick & Inspirations[edit]

It is rumoured that Jim Davis engages in sex magick to come up with ideas for Garfield comics. He surrounds himself with erotic memoribilia - mostly suggestive pictures of the Jetson family that he draws recreationally - and then attains peak arousal. It is during this state that ideas from beyond our realm are transmitted to Jim Davis and he translates them in the form of Garfield comics.

The Alternate Version of Garfield[edit]

The whole Jim Davis/Bill Miller scandal was revealed in an episode of Sliders when they went into the future and saw Jim Davis going back in time. In the original version of Garfield by Bill Miller, the main character is named Alan Alda and one of his favourite activities is to give birth to crows through his mouth. He and Garfield often go into the woods and catch caterpillars and squeeze them between their thighs for satisfaction. This had immense consequences for the future as caterpillar populations became threatened by encroaching fans of Garfield comics.


Jim Davis has also written many famous songs, the most famous being "It's Hot in Herre" by Nelly.

Daily Life[edit]

Jim Davis is seen by many as the founder of the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union. This is not the case. He's actually the founder of the Anal Cod Leisure Union, and has accidentally been hired to speak at civil liberty meetings. This has been to his advantage because his talks are often very successful among people without civil rights, and he gives live demonstrations of what it means to use anal cod leisurely.

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