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Kittyslasher, the superintelligent robot.

Template:Quote Kittyslasher is the name given to a robot prototype developed by Adolf Hitler. He became the mascot for Newgrounds due to all the sexual humour he contributed to the website.

In 1952, he was improved with a virtual anus that electronically emulated the culture of anal sex. When the prototype for a manmade anus resulted as a success, the term eNus was coined. Thereby, the act of eNal Sex has dawned. eNal Sex has become a mainstream alternative to conventional anal sex since a robot for it is more sanitary than biological anal sex.

When a chocolate despenser at the Hershey's factory broke down, it was recycled since it only functioned to some extent. It was eventually installed into Kittyslasher and ended up producing fake poop to gross out an audience with.

When a human brain was transpanted from a gay man to Kittyslasher, he started to become a funnier comedian about crude humour. Kittyslasher recoded alot of flash clips for Newgrounds in the 90's.

He subsequently tried out the sport stairsliding, but his components broke after trying out the sport. However, the San Francisco Robot Hospital repaired him to be more stable than he was originally.