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*The [[Manga Charta]] which is a map of all manga locations?
*The [[Manga Charta]] which is a map of all manga locations?
*The [[Magna Carta]] which does not exist at all?
*The [[Magna Carta]] which does not exist at all?
*deez nuts
==The Signers of the Manga Carta==
==The Signers of the Manga Carta==

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“Power to the Manga people!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Manga Carta

The Manga Carta was a joint Japanese-British effort to create something that is both the foundation of democracy and otaku. It covers a broad range of subjects, from the liability of the king to tentacle rape.

Clauses of the Manga Carta[edit]

The numerous clauses of the Manga Carta (there are over nine thousand) are too lengthy to print here, but the most famous person included in this was herm guy that looks like a girl, which, in Japan, means all guys.

Other famous clauses include mandatory silly wigs for any person in English law, the power of veto creation in the House of Lords, and enormous eyes on anything cute produced in Japan.

About The Manga Carta[edit]

The Manga Carta was signed in 1214, a year before its more famous cousin, the Magna Carta. While the Magna Carta is certainly the more famous document, it is actually just the British portions of the Manga Carta. Any references to anime, ninjas, and indeed, anything Japanese was removed, because the British weren't supposed to know about Japan yet.

The Manga Carta Today[edit]

Today, the location of the original document has been lost to time. Mock-ups have been produced, generally in the form of Japanese-produced (though sometimes American imitations are produced) anime. However, due to bad relations with the British since the write-up, almost all these mock-ups include an apocolypse or a post-apocalyptic world, usually due to a nuclear explosion.

Are You Sure[edit]

The Signers of the Manga Carta[edit]