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Few fads have raised more eyebrows all over the world then the late-20th century craze of having sex in subway cars.


The first Metrosexuals were a young couple from Flagstaff, Arizona on holliday in Boston.
Aroused by the smell of imported English fake masonry and the peculiar qualities of New England spring they totally lost control during a subway ride. The in-car camerasystem captured them in their unabashed public lovemaking, footage of this event was an e-mailserver crasher the next day all over the world.


Psychologist have been amiss to pin down the reasons for the state of mind of people that made this animal display of lust so appealing.
What could have made made normal well-adjusted businessmen lose all inhibitions and pick up escorts for the tube ride home, only to have public sex in the metro?


It is unknown whether the prohibitive cleaningcosts of the subwaycars or the lawsuits of the Moral Majority were to blame, but for one year all subway lines were closed all over the world.
For some Metrosexuals the adjustment was hard; a few got restraining orders from Amtrax, others spend fortunes redecorating their bedrooms. It is believed most cold-turkeyd back to vanilla amorous exploits.
In any case,when the metro reopened the momentum had gone, and people were quite busy following different fads. The era of the Metrosexuals had gone and passed.