Mickey Mouse League

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Coat of arms of the Mickey Mouse League.

The Mickey Mouse League (sometimes unofficially referred to as the Mickey Mouse Club or the Empire of the Mouse) is an alliance of countries and principalities contained on three different continents organized in a similar fashion to the now defunct Hanseatic League. Much as the Hanseatic League maintained a trade monopoly over most of northern Europe and the Baltic during the Middle Ages, the Mickey Mouse Club maintains an entertainment monopoly over all of planet Earth in our day.


The early history of the Mickey Mouse League is closely tied to that of the Disneyland Confederation. In the late 1800s, after the United States annexed the area that would become present-day California, many members of the Disneyland nations were displaced from the Disneyland territories. Trying to escape poverty and starvation, refugees from the Disneyland territories eventually established communities in Florida, Europe, and Asia.

A century later, the Treaty of Corporation addressed the most egregious grievances that the Disneyland confederation had with the United States. It formalized American recognition of the Disneyland Confederation and recognized territorial claims of the member nations. However, it did not address the grinding poverty that afflicted the people within the Disneyland Conffederation. The Great Council of Disneyland searched for ways to promote economic development within the confederation’s member nations. Unfortunately, a century of neglect had left Disneyland with a largely uneducated workforce and few industries. In response, the Disneyland Great Council looked to the outside world. There, it found resources in the exiled Disneyland communities. In 1971, the Disneyland confederation and the Magic Kingdom in Flordia signed the Treaty of Orlando, hence forming the Mickey Mouse League. In the next few decades, other states and cities would join the organization. As the Mickey Mouse League grew more powerful, some states that were not part of the Disneyland diaspora also joined the alliance.

List of Countries and Principalities in the Mickey Mouse Club

Members of the Mickey Mouse League are located on three different continents.

Florida and Caribbean Circle

California Circle

China and Japan Circle

France Circle