Nude Celebrities In The Dark

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HAVE MERCY!! I bet you've never seen Dolly Parton like that before!

Nude Celebrities In The Dark is a cult following of the fetish to see nude celebrities in the dark. Today there is over a quarter of a billion photos of this nature all over the world wide web with over twenty-five-million new contributions being uploaded every month. It is the fastest known cult-fetish in existence today, with 3 more members then BDSM and Pickle Racing on McDonalds windows.


Brad Pitt receiving pleasure up the rear from Angela Landsbury in the dark
George Clooney masturbating off the Empire State Building in the dark
Paris Hilton sucking on 21 cocks at once... must have been a slow night
Rosie O'Donnell eating out Roseanne Arnold in the dark
Drew Barrymore giving Drew Carey a rusty trombone in the dark
Eww..This one is too gross to comment on, oh that is disgusting
Clint Eastwood riding a horse... oh god, that's even worse than the other, oh god the wrinkles...
Thank god we end on something as wonderful as these stunningly gorgeous lesbian triplet celebrities in the dark

The phenomenon was started in 1804 by William Adolph Oliver Bush in New Hampshire, NE for a paparazzi monthly column in Entertainmentless Tonight. His first picture taken on July 4th 1804 shows Oprah Winfrey skinny-dipping chunky-dunking completely nude in a an unknown lake around the hours of 1am. His captivating eye for detail sparked such success with the photo that it became a world wide hobby of many to take pictures of nude celebrities in the dark.

Cult Following[edit]

Since Dick's first published photo, all photographers around the world started to take pictures of famous people they encountered while completely nude. Such nude celebrities included actors, royalty's, politicians and Lassie. The term of NCITD was announced by Rolling Stonesd editor, Sir Alpha Kenny Wun in 1903 in the celebration of the phenomenon where they printed the top 25 best nude celebrities in the dark in there June catalog.


In 1923 celebrity activist Jenny Taylor protested that this cult fetish be brought to an end after several revealing photographs of her performing fellatio to her toy-boy, Bluey Zarsoff in a public park at 3:34 am, infuriated miss Jenny that the photos could be damaging to her reputation. Her husband Jack Cough was also displeased with the photos claiming they had to be fake, as his adoring wife would never do such a thing. The motion was passed in 1924 by Judge Judy & Executioner that if you display yourself bare-assed in public, then it's your own fault for performing indecent exposure in the black hours of the night. The case was dismissed and the fetish was entitled to be legal.

Rise In Popularity[edit]

In 1998, the internet boom was happening, and several nude celebrities in the dark started appearing on websites and peoples email. Many arousing photos of celebrities such as Pamela Anderson Lee and Claudia Schiffer nude in the dark spread like wild-flower and soon the youth of the world was onto the previously only upper-class fetish. The fetishes boom and following around the world exploded and by the turn of 1999 there was over 134 million web sites devoted to the craze. A lot of fakes where also beginning to circulate, such as the controversial picture in October 1999 when a nude picture in the dark of Britney Spears showed her exiting a car with her hoo-ha exposed to the world. Britney sued the photographer, I.P Freely for 39 cents to damages to her reputation and announced in a press conference that the image was a fake and that she would never ever lower herself to such a level like having her beaver shown in a photograph of her in the dark. Which she has lived up to that word so far.

How To Take A Nude Shot Of A Celeb In The Dark?[edit]

  • Get A Camera
  • Find A Celebrity naked in the dark.
  • Take the photo
  • Get It Developed or for digital users, upload it to your computer.
  • Email it to all your friends
  • Upload it to a website
  • it's now archived forever
  • Leave the lens-cap on.
  • Take an amazing photo of an actual celebrity naked
  • Cry your eyes out that you listened to step one (You Idiot)
  • Continue steps 4-7 in the previous section.

How to find Nude Celebrities in the dark websites?[edit]

The best and easiest method is to search online. Performing a google search will return over 50 trillion results to look at. With an expected 104 billion by 2013. Other sources are also good leading stick-book suppliers and turning your tv off to view some real dirty smut!!

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