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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Obvious?
This is an image in a frame, aligned on the right of this page. It depicts a flying guy in a blue cloak with a pink letter "O" on it. This guy is also a master of stating the obvious.

“Obviously people aren't very smart.”

~ Captain Obvious on Obvious
This is obvious

You are reading an article titled obvious. This article is on Uncyclopedia. This article states the obvious. Obvious means obvious. To state the obvious is to state the obvious. You are probably in the universe. This is an article. It has been edited by user(s) who edit. Editing an article on Uncyclopedia involves modifying the article. To edit an Uncyclopedia article you need to exist.


This Is a Section[edit]

  • You exist.
    • Therefore, you are real.
      • Therefore, you have the quality of existence.
      • Therefore, the word "therefore" has been used 4 times in this article, before this period-->. Discluding any therefores after this statement and also discluding the therefore's inside this sentence, after said period. If anymore therefores are found in this article from here on in, please restart the counter. Thanks.
  • This article exists (unless it is deleted).
  • You are in the Universe, unless you happen to be the googlebot or any other semi-senitent organism planning the human downfall.
  • This computer is turned on.
  • You are probably a person.
  • There are words in this article.
  • There are letters in the words.
  • You are probably located on Earth now Off to Mars!
  • You are probably a human being.
  • You are probably made of cells.
  • You probably have or have had a mom.
  • This is really stupid.
  • Question 67 is a bit hard.
  • Your girlfriend looks like a man called Adam.
  • I have a belly button. So do you.
  • Men have nipples, that is obvious. The reason why, not so much.
  • This isn't so obvious, its obvious it isn't obvious and its obvious that this doesn't make it obvious, obviously.
This image has something to do with obviousness, Obviously!
  • You're using the internet.
  • Most of the words are in black.
  • You are(n't) male.
  • You live on Earth.
  • I wrote this.
  • Jessica Alba is hot.
  • Denise Milani has huge assets.
  • You're here either because you have nothing better to do or because you're procrastinating.
  • You're probably thinking that this can't get anymore obvious, obviously.
  • You're breathing.
  • If you exist and I exist, then we both exist.
  • You will probably die one day unless you are a God or are immortal which you are probably not.
  • This atricle has probably overused the word probably discluding any probablys after this statement and also discluding all the probablys inside this sentence and counting them at the same time.
  • If you didn't know these facts you are probably stupid unless you did know them meaning you are still stupid.
  • There are four holes in a polo.
  • Men come from Mars and Women come from Venus but where do babies come from? My guess is that they come from URANUS which means urine which babies like to do.
  • You should have so obviously thought twice before reading this page about obviousness
  • You are having obvious second thoughts about reading this obvious crap
  • Everything is sooo obvious but you have to be obvious too to see it. Thats sooo obvious.
  • In this sentence, the word peas is a link to an article of the same or similar name.
  • Every time I look at you I don't understand, why you let the things you did get so out of hand.

This Is Another Section[edit]

-Everything is obvious until you discover it is not.

  • You are you.
  • Uncyclopedia is Uncyclopedia.
  • Reflexive is reflexive.
  • Sentences are Sentences.
  • Uncyclopedia articles are Uncyclopedia articles.
  • Stupidity is stupidity.
  • People die if they are killed.
  • I am myself.
  • The only reason you're here is probably because you clicked Random Page.
    • Unless you didn't.
  • You're looking at this article's penis. That's RIGHT.
  • Your mom is a cunt.

- Now you feel like you wasted these minutes to read some stupid facts. - Unless you didn't know all this already. - Obviously.

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