Parts Unknown (Country)

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Parts Unknown
Kingdom of Parts Unknown
Parts Unknown
Flagge Parts Unknown.jpg Emblem Parts Unknown.jpg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Savero uttamür!
Anthem: "Irk dompérat urk y urk dompérat irk"
BlankMap-World-noborders.png Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a look on Parts Unknown in this map. Its surface is too small to see it from that height.
Capital Üdenfurt
Largest city Bendensword
Official language(s) Borélio
Government Monarchy
King: Karl von Üdenfurt
Prince: Prince Berti II.
National Hero(es) Timothy Zablonski
 of Independence
Currency Razkamür
Religion 100% atheists

“Woohoo! Irk hadenswo penózil ulbulbs hendensword”

~ Timothy Zablonski during a pro-wrestling match against The Immortal

“Be aware of the Snö!”

~ Eddie, famous pro-wrestling commentator, about the Snö-Desert in Parts Unknown

Parts Unknown is a country in the eastern of Europe and has a population of 20,000 people. Most of the surface is covered by the Snö-Desert and big mountains like the Ünst. The capital is Üdenfurt, largest city is Bendensword in the federal state of Niemandsland. The language of Parts Unknown is Borélio. It is taught as foreign language on every big high school of the world. The most famous sport in Parts Unknown is professional wrestling (in Borélio called "uttamür").


Parts Unknown got its independence, after the Otherworld lost the III. World War in 1996. They could never tell if peoples parts were a dick or a vag. The citizens of Parts Unknown then started a revolution against the Zombie Regime and fought for their freedom in a thirty day lasting war. Today Parts Unknown is a monarchy. Its king and so called "Führer" is Karl von Üdenfurt (me). Unfortunately, the tourism in Parts Unknown got quite bad, after many tourists got in trouble with the Wurstikus Fressikus (a very dangerous plant, which sucks the liquid out of the scrotum.)


The black square in the top left-hand corner has its origin from the time, when the Otherworld had its colonies in Parts Unknown. The red flower in the middle of the flag is the Wurstikus Fressikus, which is the emblem of Parts Unknown. Its color stands as a warning.


The Snö-Desert covers 1/3 of the surface Parts Unknown's. The desert consists mainly of plants and dangerous trees like the Halfus Leifus (a tree, which hits people, when they get them too near). Also the Wurstikus Fressikus is widely spreaded in the Snö.

Also 1/3 of the landscape is covered by big mountains and rocks. Biggest mountain is the Ünst with a height of 24,812 feet. A very known animal in this area is the dolsedor, a feline predator, pretty similar to a saber-toothed tiger.

The last 1/3 is covered by the main cities Üdenfurt, Bendensword and Unscripted.


Years ago, Parts Unknown had a very successful table tennis team, which made it into the world quarter finals. After that, table tennis lost its number one sport status to professional wrestling, after a young wrestler called Timothy Zablonski made it into the half Finals of the Wolrd Cup of Professional Wrestling. There he lost against the wrestler of Japan. Then, in the match for the third place, Zablonski (called Timmy) lost against The Immortal (Otherworld). After the match, Timmy said his now legendary sentence: "Woohoo! Irk hadenswo penózil ulbulbs hendensword!", what loosely translated means: "Woohoo! I've got the biggest nuts in the entire world, bitch!"

Winner of the World Cup became Germany (The Bull).


The language Parts Unknown's is called Borélio. Wolrdwide there are two million Borélio speakers, 25,000 are native speakers.

Here are some of the most important sentences in Borélio when you go to Parts Unknown:

  • "I hate you" - "Irk schåpelo urk"
  • "I love you" - "Irk blork urk"
  • "You go on my nerves" - "Urk domperâht ti-di"
  • "Suck my scrotum liquid" - "Urk savero irk domperat"
  • "That fart was good" - "Hurtiwast domperâht penózil."
  • "Stop that shit right now. This site will be deleted anyway. You're not funny, you're just talkin' shit. So please suck my cock, you fuckin' nazi!" - "Arrk!"