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One of many people. Notice this one is cross-eyed.

People are everywhere these days. Their prevalence in history is rarely notated, so we're going to drop some knowledge, old school style baby.


People were created by the aliens of Cyber Paris 64. Though the inhabitants of this planet were known for their frequent defeat and surrender in times of war, their mechanical creations were known the galaxay over for being friggin hallarious. Over production turned into a problem in 1768, and instead of disposing with them in accordance to intergalactic waste laws, they dumped them onto some shit planet and sped away, trying to look innocent. This is the reason why there are no records that date back farther than this time period for the human race.


It is a common myth that people are consisted of organic parts. This is entirely untrue; who ever told you this you should kick square in the nuts. For real. Do it. The truth is that people are actually robots. You don't believe me? I guess you wouldn't. You're in the matrix of course.

Most people require a certain number of things to remain opperable durring their activation peroids. These include:

Anal lube
Tube socks
Pipe tobacco
Toliet Paper
Canned veggies
Dick cream

...the pasta is actually optional.

Everything else

People aren't actually very complicated. Other than some minor other things, there isn't anything else to say about them.

Oh, well, maybe some other stuff some dude wrote about in a book somewhere. I dunno. Get off my dick.