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Only Real mean eat protein ~Men on Protein

Protein is a myth that states that protein is the core constituent of all species alive on Earth, and dictates biological structure. Proteins are the fundamental unit of hereditary information, by their contribution to an organisms proteome (a polymer of proteins). Protein is in lots of things, meat, milk, and other things. The German army was fed a 99.5% protein diet during the Second World War. This led to the founding of World of Warcraft and the town of Saskatoon in the fourteenth century.

The following cat was raised on a diet consisting only of dolphin for seven years.

The theory of evolution is supported by recent scientific observations that protein exchange between species subtly changes their form. Each time one species consumes another, the protein signature of the consumed species is appended to the proteome of the consumer. Therefore, every life form is unique and explained by its past dietary intake. (For more information read the philosophy of Plato, who proposed that for every creature there exists a perfect immutable form, reproduced imperfectly in the world we seem to inhabit.)

"Thus, the nature of all existing lifeforms is dictated by their past eating habits. U R wot U Et."

Scientific evidence[edit]

Crusty brain meat experiments have been carried out where cats are fed only fish, or only beef. In very old cats, computer modelling shows a correlation between the shapes of cats fed only fish and the shape of a fish (r2=0.702). Cats only fed beef take on subtle characteristics of cows (r2=0.922). Randomised controlled trials involving consumption of those cats revealed that the fish-fed cats tasted more like fish than the beef-fed cats which tasted more like beef (p=2E-12). Only in extremely old cats fed beef (due to the existing complexities of their proteomes and the minor contributing evolutionary effect of diet during their lifetimes), was a tendency to produce a hybrid meow-moo vocalisation observed.

It is also noted to boost STR, in much the same way that Calcium boosts DEF

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