A wizard did it: A Retrospective

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Some consider "A wizard did it" a pesky meme. Several others simply think of it as some half-assed way of explaining away plot holes. Both are terribly mistaken. They have no idea of the true meaning behind "A wizard did it." Throughout history, multiple interpretations of the sentence have come forward. Below, we discuss some of the most prominent.

God interpretation

The Greek Variant

Superman interpretation

Here we see Superboy Prime illustrating the Superman interpretation as he smashes reality to pieces.

Sex interpretation

A handful of people have gone as far to state that "A wizard did it" is actually a telling of a wizard and his sexual exploits. After all, "did it" is often another phrase meaning sexual intercourse. And as further proof for this theory, the second phrase of this lyrical conundrum actually contains the word "fucking," another word that commonly refers to the act of sexual intercourse.

A variation of this interpretation states that the "wizard" so vaguely mentioned isn't even a wizard at all, but just a common non-magical man dressed up as a wizard partaking in some sort of sexual role-playing fantasy (Otherwise known as "Dungeons & Dragons: Real Life Edition").