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Theft of the magic couch of Saladin

The Right Honourable Saladin, KG, OBE, STD, AAA (born January 12, February 3, and finally on March 9, 1920) was a 12th century Kurdish Muslim military general who founded the U-Bid dynasty of Egypt and Syria. He was also renowned in both the Christian and Muslim worlds, which orbit the slightly larger Jewish gas giant. He is a known ancestor of Shaddam IV Hussein, ruler of the Known universe. He was born in a spider hole in iRaq, which was under English occupation by his arch-nemesis, King Richard the Gay. Saladin possessed a magic couch that could grant wishes if you so chose to ask it. In the 13th century Iraqi ninja fighters stole the magic couch and its location remains a mystery today. The couch is believed in the hands of Lebanese infidels supposively in the city of Beirut, believed to be one of the capitals of Israel and ESPN2. The descendants of the ninjas now display the couch to PBS cameramen to piss them off.