Smiling without Laughing

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Look, He is Smiling Without Laughing. Ashley, a pioneer, displaying his skills
He is also Smiling Without Laughing. Nimalin, a pioneer, displaying his skills

Smiling Without Laughing should not be confused with smiling without laughing (a smile in the absence of laughter). Smiling Without Laughing is a smile which carries all the intention of an uproarious guffaw, but without the associated noise or convulsions.

Smiling without Laughing is a skill possessed by very few that expresses extreme elation without the shortcoming of obscene noise. Such expressions are useful in noise constrained environments, where the absurd notion of laughing (with sound) is frowned upon. Smiling without Laughing was created by the great Ashley and Nimalin (who, to this very day, have brought us such gems as "Laughing without Smiling" and "Smiling and Laughing")

The Therapeutic Effects of Smiling Without Laughing

Scientists baffled by the poor results provided by electro-shock therapy, have in recent years begun experimenting with Smiling Without Laughing as a less invasive procedure for treating numerous mental and physical ailments. Smiling Without Laughing has proved particularly effective in the treatment of catatonics, often resulting in complete recovery and social integration. Smiling Without Laughing has no discernible effect on TB.

Concerns Regarding the Addictiveness of Smiling Without Laughing

Alarm began to arise amongst drug administration agencies when many people exposed to Smiling Without Laughing described it as "like Crack" (the drug, not to be confused with other types of Crack). As yet there is no indication that there are any adverse side effects to Smiling Without Laughing, but, as Prof BJ Smegma of the leading institution in this field -West Street Institute in his department Humour Based Therapy Research- observed, "It certainly appears that those who have experienced Smiling Without Laughing become significantly more depressed when a practitioner of the art is not around."