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  • *Balancing: Kikkoman can balance on precarious spots, such as telephone polls, the [[Eiffel Tower]] or fight a burning sensation. This sensation is how the opponent knows that the beam is working.
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  • ...[Soviet Union]]. Zachary Taylor won his first USSR title on the [[balance beam]] in [[1948]]. He came to the [[Helsinki]] Olympics as the two-fold nationa ...Taylor leading them. In all five individual apparatus events - the balance beam, floor exercise, the vault, the uneven bars, and the reenactment of the Bat
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  • ...emain, embedded into the bell. The bell could then emit a mostly unfocused beam of microwaves of low intensity. ram; attached to a strong shaft and held in place by a set of two stern balance balls. A single man can use the bell in a combat situation - The warrior mu
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  • Boston College is home to the world's largest balance beam.
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  • |pri_arm = Solar Beam |special = Solar Beam, Fly, Surf, Hydro Pump
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  • '''Secret message:''' Balance beams stimulate [[civilization]]s. ...ou do, Cervantes goes home to his family and leaves you stuck on a balance beam.
    6 KB (964 words) - 09:14, 31 May 2012
  • ...ernating current (where the wave goes both up and down) keeps the Earth in balance. Edison's Direct Current waves (where the wave goes forever upwards, like Lucky, Tesla knew that the way to put the [[Earth]] back into balance was by building a giant tower, and like an oil well, metaphysically pump th
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  • ...p of a 50m high tower, with a square foot floor space, one must attempt to balance on one leg of a chair for a specific amount of time. Starting with a minute '''Extreme Balance Escapology'''
    10 KB (1,611 words) - 03:57, 11 September 2012
  • ...ter, benzoic acid, oxygen, nitrogen, and calcium sulfate. The atmosphere's balance is so balanced that the air tastes faintly of banana, although at the extre ...they finally destroyed the planet Ephedra. By building a gigantic tractor beam, they moved the planet Yaz out of its orbit temporarily to the opposite sid
    5 KB (814 words) - 00:56, 30 May 2012
  • ...lance beam champion, Level 10 Iowa’s Gymnast of the year, Level 10 balance beam champion and making the Junior Olympic National team, and qualifying to Jun ...nd. Shawn was also runner-up at the Tyson American Cup, winning the floor, beam and vault, and coming in second in bars.
    9 KB (1,584 words) - 03:27, 30 August 2012
  • ...her, who miraculously landed on her feet. Even the pigs had to applaud the balance of their sworn enemy. They then scarpered and left McButcher vomiting in a === The Beam ===
    14 KB (2,222 words) - 05:35, 7 February 2020
  • ...nst evil villians [[Darth Wong]] and [[Warlord Poe]], he struggles to find balance between 'fighting the good fight' and keeping the of the hands of a horde o ...the needed energy directly. This disparity allows DarkStar to deflect the beam with naught but a grunt and the flex of his glistening pecs, hitting Dark W
    13 KB (2,186 words) - 03:53, 11 September 2012
  • To restore balance in the universe, God sent his emissaries: an buff soldier named '''Idaten'' ...x their muscles. It doesn't help that their laser attack is called ''Men's Beam'', either.
    7 KB (1,148 words) - 02:39, 11 September 2012
  • ...orld's greatest tracer and founder of park whore, and the infamous balance beam to Leap of Faith Ankle Breaker. Another thing about Park Whore that attract
    7 KB (1,129 words) - 20:15, 10 October 2015
  • &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;[[Image:Bullet.png|7px]]Binocular balance<br /> performed by ophthalmologists to detect eye diseases. A small vertical beam of light is run over the eye horizontally. It allows inspection of all the
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  • Another trick is to get a single beam of heavenly light to shine straight into someone's face, usualy while they' !!!COSMIC JUSTICE!!! is the ultimate force of balance in the universe, if you shit on the earth !!!COSMIC JUSTICE!!! will shit on
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  • ...ays had: Anime Beam. Souther, dumbfounded by this illogical existence of a beam coming from the hands is confronted by Kenshiro, who proceeds to say, "This ...a slap on the wrist. Ken is not the only one endowed with divine power. To balance things out and in order not to bore his son he gave other people powers too
    19 KB (3,221 words) - 08:20, 23 August 2012
  • ...cause of many accidental deaths from friendly fire. When riders lost their balance from abrupt stops, which happened often, an unintentional firing of the How ...bamboo armor and the Howitzer was instead substituted by a large 600lbs I-Beam.
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  • {{Q|They made that decision to pull and then we watched my bank balance explode.|Larry Silverscum|WTC7}} ....png|thumb|right|200px|Conspiracy theorists believe the slag on this steel beam is the by-product of a Diet Coke and Mentos reaction.]]
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  • ...selfish]]ness and told Kyogre that she could not have more sea because the balance was just [[right]]; Kyogre's [[Rage]] erupted suddenly and she got very [[p ...n had to stop; he called for Rayquaza and Rayquaza fired his [[Lazer|Hyper Beam]] at Kyogre that was so good that time slowed down and the words 'COMBO BRE
    13 KB (2,247 words) - 23:37, 5 November 2015

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