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  • ...l estate teased her, complaining that she didn't have a proper lower class cockney accent.
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  • [[Image:chavbiza.jpg|thumb|right|200px|A chav performing its ritualistic mating ritual to attract chavettes]] ...]]. The Island is the primary [[mating]] and [[Sex|spawning]] ground for [[chav]]s who congregate on the island once a year in order to fill the [[United K
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  • '''The Streets''' is the name of the rap/r&b project of the [[chav]] singer Mike Skinner. ...change of three eighths. Skinner has often been mocked because of his mock-cockney accent, and this must continue. The Streets Music is written by [[Chaz N Da
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  • of Lily Allen's success as record companies realized Allen was infact a chav in disguise and was actually posh. Nash filled the hole left empty by Allen ...I am a cockney I am I am (unreleased as she realised she actually is not a cockney)
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  • ==Chav English== ...long to an unwanted, dirty and [[redundancy|undesirable]] group known as [[chav]]s. They have adapted their own form of English to confuse normal English f
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  • ...l origin, all townies speak a dialect known as 'Towna', a curious blend of cockney inflection and sub-racist Jamaican patois, usually with a broad [[Amerika|W *[[Chav|Chavs]] - These are practically the breed of Townie everywhere else and liv
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  • '''Ipswich''' (also known as "[[asshole|a scum hole]]") is a designated chav hole coded #116 of the [[United Kingdom]]. Similar to the [[United States]] ...even aware of Ipswich's existence and it is widely dismissed as a myth by Cockney's.
    13 KB (2,230 words) - 03:22, 9 May 2012
  • ...[[dead]]. Or all of the above. However, two final strongholds against the chav epidemic still hold out: Lymington and New Milton, towns that nevertheless |languages = [[English]], [[Chav#Language/Communication|Chav Speak]], Gridder (Forest talk)
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  • ..., including the [[Essex boy]], the [[Essex Girl]], the [[gary boy]], the [[chav]], Crazy Pete and the Conlan family. There have been no official attempts t ...of this work is Colchester, England's oldest and most dilapidated town. A chav was asked for his views on the matter, but his accent could not be interpre
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  • ..., but thats beside the point. When not practicing his songs in his eerie [[cockney accent]], Tom can be found at College, bumming around with his life-partner ...untry n' Thaa']], this was Tom's idea, as he was trying to appeal to the [[Chav]] generation to convert to his country, as they are slow of intelligence, a
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  • ...0,000,000<br>Foreigners: 60,000,000<br>[[Racists]]: 100% and climbing<br>[[Chav]]s: Too many to count<br>Bloody French: None that live...<br>Germans: The M ..., Arabic, Scouse, [[Chav|Chavish]], [[Geordie|Ald Englisc]], Wanker (see [[Cockney]]).
    30 KB (4,948 words) - 20:22, 5 February 2014
  • ...s Earl Grey, inventor of [[tea]], and the Patron Saint of hot beverages. A Cockney can be sold at auction for as much as 12 [[Guinness|Guineas]] in times of e ...mney sweeps on the other hand tend to fare less well on the income scale. Cockney chimney sweeps traditionally make up the majority of the medical trade in G
    23 KB (3,551 words) - 21:37, 23 February 2014
  • ...Kingdom]].<ref>[ 'Asbo' and 'Chav' make dictionary], [[BBC News]], [[8 June]] 2005.</ref><ref>[http://www.gua ...or at least gold in appearance&mdash;another similarity with the british [[chav]].
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  • |languages = [[Basildon#Language|Essex Grunt]], [[Cockney Rhyming Slang]], [[Chav]] ...however, some estates which have a polar climate inhabited by a specie of chav called the ''Innuinnit''.
    23 KB (3,985 words) - 07:35, 30 July 2012
  • ...aluminium which we can steal and re-sell for money"'' Alert the [[cockney chav]] immediately! A grunt and pointing in the general direction of the scum pi
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  • |languages =[[Cockney]], [[BBC]], [[Chav]], [[English language|Queen's English]], [[Polish language|Polish]], [[Afri ...guard was later sentenced to death by Syphilis, fittingly caught from the chav in question.
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  • ...their weight in sweets and chocolate weekly. They are a bunch of innocent Cockney cheeky chappies who are everyone's second team (although in truth most are '''Leadless Bovver''' - Quintessential British Chav who plays professional football for some reason. Style of play is punching.
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  • ...ent posture. Cockerknees are detained in the East End of London with the [[chav]]s. The detainees will soon be moved to [[Los Angeles]], which is scheduled ...ure underground railway (where they may meet the tube's tour guides, or "[[chav]]s" who may charge a small fee for a taste of "the Authentic London Experie
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  • ...ho locked her in a cellar. In between marrying maniacs, she married a nice cockney guy called Kevin who loved her to bits but she hated his guts and forgot ab ...lso shagged his best mate's wife and didn't feel sorry for it. Resembles a cockney but the soft kind.
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  • ...bles a concrete slab outside Burger King and caters mostly for on the dole chav families and enthusiast fanboys and "need to get a girlfriend" emo teenager ...taken by an army of foul mouthed Nike wearing brutes with shaven heads and cockney accents. This worried Merlin and so he decided to steal a concrete slab out
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