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  • ...are|Shakespeare]] monkey hypothesis. Later one of the defendants in the [[Scopes Monkey Trial]]. Note that there is some speculation that this is one of th
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  • [[Image:Scopes trial.jpg|thumb|Darrow (left) and Bryan (right), during the Scopes Monkey Trial.]] The '''Scopes Monkey Trial'''—or '''''Scopes v. State, 152 Tenn. 424, 278 S.W. 57 (1925)''''' for those who were taught
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  • ...gain more strength and the Creationist movement lost strength. Soon after Scopes was paroled, evolution was allowed to be taught. The movement suffered a ma *[[Pope John Paul II]]
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  • ''denies'' these claims, and he continues to demands all of the credit. John Carpenter is also responsible for directing the movie Halloween, which he f ...Magnum, which are also equipped with scopes, yeah that's right, fucking ''SCOPES'', I shit you not. It's like a god damn telescope, he can't even spy on som
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  • 1960s also witnessed bear-led aircraft-hijacking attempts and President John F. Kennedy ordered Bear Patrol agents to accompany domestic flights to prev ...anpower and the implementation of modern technology. Infrared night-vision scopes, [[earthquake|seismic]] sensors, and a modern computer processing system he
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  • ...unforgettable one in which the primates attempt to take over the farm!), [[Scopes]] writes, "And how could we thus forget this chapter which speaks of tribal ...g in Norway, Orwell has joined Glenn "Frog" the Frog, Walt Whitman, and F. John Fitzkennedy as one of the greatest dead presidents ever. He currently resi
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  • ...minding your own business, when out of no where a pine cone ''flies in and scopes you right in the head''! That would '''suck''' pretty bad, right? I think i [[John Wilks Booth Murederd by Pinecone]]
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  • ...lish]] [[Systems of Measurement]] and indifferent [[Racism]] through the [[Scopes Monkey Trial]] Controversy. Scientologists like [[Tom Cruise]] and [[John Travolta]] endorse Intelligent Design because it favors a [[scientific rela
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  • ...sake, Jackie, I'm the friggin' president! They can't lay a finger on m...|John F. Kennedy}} ...[Adolf Hitler|racial hatred]], [[Intelligent Design|pseudoscience]], and [[Scopes Monkey Trial|hilarious nonsense]]?|Charles Darwin}}
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  • ...y Jews). People use this weapon like a third arm. You can kill faster than John Deere going through tall grass! ...spare sniper rifle at times. *[[Shit|Sony Bend]] might as well add sniper scopes to every damn weapon in the next game, including the grenades.
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  • ...udge Learned Paw and trial counsel Clarence Darrow (who, in the celebrated Scopes "monkey trial" of 1925, decimated William Jennings Bryan's anti-evolutionar ...cs to "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" in the declamatory style of Sir John Gielgud.
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  • [[Scopes Monkey Trial|AAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAAA]] - Christmas|Gur Avtug Nsgre Puevfgznf]] - [[North Korea|Abegu Xbern]] - [[John Seigenthaler Sr.|Wbua Frvtragunyre Fe.]] - [[New "voice chat" feature propo
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