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  • caption =Cover art in Uncyclopedian release | developer = KING Art |
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  • Galåen was made out of the elder men with long white beard in the early 60's, they made Galåen while smoking grass. ...e current king of Galåen, he proved his Strength by defeating Doga Afrohue in a Fight Wich last for ten days.
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  • [[Image:PGXmas.jpg|200px|thumb|Peter Griffin recorded the whole CD in his garage.]] ...l of 3 million copies. The buyers didn't seem to mind that it was released in March.
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  • ...est [[Wales]].Until recently Johnstown was ruled by a well respected king; King Bobbuss Terry. a 427 year old son by the name of Prince Fagsy. Fagsy continues to live in Johnstown, and has an intolerance to water and all things healthy.
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  • ...rainforest, or in the middle of an office building (constructing a bivouac in the latter circumstance may be frowned upon). ...ocks]], and a tarp that is either green, orange, greater yellow, or lesser yellow. If you have a purple tarp, then forget it. You might as well hurl yourself
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  • {{q|Eeeuuujj i was born in this place!!!|Zatty|Heeswijk}} {{q|Het enige goede in Heeswijk, is het fietspad richting Rosmalen.|Beatrix|Heeswijk}}
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  • ...a mainly secretive organisation they have carried out much missionary work in educating the less fortunate and disadvantaged, particularly Australians. ...rength although they do possess commonly held beliefs such as the power of yellow fever and the beauty of the Poontang.
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  • ...Earth]] by the Prince of All Cosmos under the direction of his father, the King of All Cosmos. ...machines of [[war]], which were installed in a number of department stores in [[Hiroshima]] and [[Nagasaki]]. It continued this line of production throug
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  • ...eers have died on the many research projects funded by the [[pope]], the [[king]] of [[England]] the butt pirates the [[communist]] [[party]] and other ent In the year 2424 [[A.C.]] (or 2006 C.E.) the fish banana was resuscitated by [
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  • ...came older, he decided to sell vacuum cleaners. David Oreck than ate B.B. King after a hard day of work. He discovered that skin could not be eaten! Dav ...ner shape. Jesse Jackson could not believe what he just saw. He than ran in to the molding room, and killed David Oreck instantly. At the funeral, the
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  • ...which calls themselves the Mongulabis, which can be explained by the Black King's nickname, Mongul. Lately, the fellowship have released a praising album of the niggerish king, The Emancipation Of Leon's boobs.
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  • {{Nowikipedia}}Mongulabia, birthplace and empire of king Leon Tan. It is said to be a fairly wealthy country, until the reign of Leo == Important structures in Mongulabia ==
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  • ...ile is of the ass-most importance to fucked us!|Announcer of recall Burger King Pokeballs.}} ...fighting beetles... It is likely that this idea lead to the rapid increase in animal abuse by kids, and the fact that it's just another poorly-constructe
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  • {{q|It was kinda funny to Yellow Submarine, but who could afford it?|Ron Howard|a photo montage}} {{wikipediapar|Yellow Submarine (song)|Yellow Submarine}}
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  • ...ght|160px|DiCaprio and co-star '''Kate Winslut''', before he strangles her in [[Titanic]].]] {{Q|He's King Of The World!!!!... ever since he got elected as King Of The World|Captain Obvious|Leonardo DiCaprio}}
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  • ...a den of evil, and generally a pretty down place. It was simply the point in history after [[William Shakespeare]] and the [[Beatles]], and there was no ...he demise of both Shakespeare and The Beatles. Therefore, the problem lies in humanity's penis envy and [[Motherfucker|Oedipal complexes]]. While we're w
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  • |strength2=Yellow cans full of liquid awesome ...f they didn't they'd be thrown in a dress and stoned, with rocks not weed, in public.
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  • ...r:1px solid #dddd00" cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0><tr><td style="background:yellow; color:black">'''&nbsp;(X) NOT (X)&nbsp;'''</td></tr></table></td></tr></ta ...lets grow at the ICCR gardens (Centre Internationale de Rêves en Couleurs) in [[Darfur]]. Varing between purplely-blue to darkish-pink colors but histori
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  • It has been know to cause blindness in the French, and Deafness in most Asian people. It eats sausage for most lunches, and causes power outag The eye is evil now. Its going so far as to kill the devil, and name himself king of the underworld. All power goes towards the lazy eye, and the lazy eye's
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