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  • :''This article is about '''Tarot the Heavy Metal Band''', not [[tarot|those cards that morons think can predict the future]].'' ...ho the hell are these guys?|Majority of the world|[[ Tarot The heavy Metal Band]].}}
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  • Chevelle is a [[Alternative Metal]] band from [[Chicago, Illinois]], consisting of [[Peat Loeffler]] (vocals), [[Sam ==The Band's Sound==
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  • [[Image:Emoguyorgirl.png|thumb|right|230px|The modern reincarnation of Glam Metal]] {{Q|I wanna fuck him!|Every School Girl|ANY Glam Metal lead singer}}
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  • [[Image:Tomato_Metal.jpg|thumb|Symbol of Tomato Metal is... Tomato!]] formed on March, 16th 2007. Founders are members of [[No Brain]] music band - [[Sal]] and [[Andy]].
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  • {{Q|Finally, now I have a way of keeping the band name and not sound gay!|[[Ritchie Blackmore]]|[[Rainbow]]}} ...a pathetic colour spectrum (though black, grey, and white is still fuckin' metal).
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  • ...imself stated that the name was inspired by the nominal [[Dutch]] [[Gothic Metal]] quartet, lead by [[soprano]] [[Floor Jansen]].
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  • ...what ever he wanted his band to sound like, like the Japanese black metal band Aaaaah. ...were also band members. A thousand and one bands emerged claiming to play metal in honor of Euronymus. Posthumous tributes from bands such as [[The Beatles
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  • Souvla Metal is a [[Heavy Metal]] sub genre originating from Cyprus. It is very similar to the [[Grindcore] The pioneers of Souvla Metal are generally considered to be [[Armageddon Rev:1616]]. The term was coined
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  • =The Black Dahlia Murder (band)= '''The Black Dahlia Murder''' is a death metal band, formed in 1983, Barefoot Bay, Florida. They were originally founded in 195
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  • [[Image:Korpiklaani_thumb-1-.jpg|right|thumb|135px|KORPIKLAANI, Metal as Folk!]] ...Forest Clan in Finnish and korpiskdfhsfduye in jibberish) are a folk metal band from Finland (also home to '''LORDI'''). They were previously called Shaman
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  • ...-platinum albums, making them them the longest running and highest selling band of all time, with album sales estimated to be in excess of six trillion. ...he guillotinings of adulterous [[women]] and erotic asphyxiation of fellow band members.
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  • ...ultura's later synth-pop albums were a refreshing return-to-form after the band's unpopular collaboration with [[The Village People]].
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  • ...r Shington CD]], that include many infamous suckers who agreed to join the band. [[image:Bangles1.jpg|right|thumb|150px|Members of the band creating the name "Velvev Vivolvev" with their hands & their legs]]
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  • ...unity, whose basic doctrine is that you should only add diacritics to your band name if you're actually going to pronounce them. ...ed with the [ First Wave of Heavy Metal Umlaut], which was pioneered by bands such as [[cowbell|Blue Öyster Cult]]
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  • ...Metal and considered Chimaira to be the band that will lead the Nouveau [[Metal]] Genre. After the Change to Dragoncore, the band gained more respect but not from an angry Johanathan. 2 Decades later Johan
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  • '''Pretentious metal''' is the most popular [[metal]] subgenre as of 2006. Pretentious metal displays, but isn't limited to, the following characteristics:
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  • ...kraine. They are generally considered as the fore-fathers of pre-1914 Life Metal, although they have since moved away from the genre completely. {{construct
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  • ...' is a [[Venezuela|Venezuelan]] [[Death metal|death]]/[[industrial metal]] band that has toured with [[Black Sabbath]], [[Tim]], [[Iron Maiden]], [[Dream T else]]. The album was not successful in the mainstream. Undeterred, the band embarked on extensive touring across the Milky Way with four cats, a cheesc
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  • ever. There a band that has broken many boundries with being the first band ever to have a blind black gay jewish chinese muslim hindu christian muslim This is a band known for it's great chemistry as a band. Yet at the moment they are going through their 8th break up
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  • ...can be traced to the 1994 release of Transilvanian Hunger by the Norwegian band [[Darkthrone]], although some Animal Bladder elements were present in A Bla
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