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  • ...iet Russia, long objectivist novels write YOU!|[[Russian Reversal]] on Ayn Rand's [[shit|work]]}} off with her heinous story length and characters in said stories. Ayn Rand, the author, loved writing it so much that, a decade later, she [[Atlas Shr
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  • [[File:Ayn_Rand.jpg|thumb|250px|Ayn Rand: with her bug-eyed stare and her extremely sharp shoulder pads, many procla ..., founder of the school of objectivism. Objectivism is a popular political philosophy in the American classical liberal tradition.
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  • |alliances=[[Council of Light]], WJU Philosophy Department ...sial ''[[Ayn Rand]]: The Randy Bitch''. He is a close associate of fellow philosophy professors [[Dr. X]] and [[Wheeling_Jesuit_University/People/Kevin_Quirk|Ve
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  • ...has read and actually finished books written by Ludwig von Mises and [[Ayn Rand]]. That alone should tell you that, if he visits your child's elementary s ...owhere in [[Florida]]. It was there that he discovered the writing of Ayn Rand and was destined to eventually become a Manchurian candidate beholden to fr
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  • ...[[philosophy|philosopating]] Phictionalist and [[penis|Phalliphyte]] [[Ayn Rand]]. In her "cool-lection" of 60's-style [[beat|''nouveau intellectualist''] This eminently supportable claim of Miss Rand's, in addition to being the direct cause of her mysterious disappearance in
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  • ...[[impossible]] to label as [[conservative]] or [[liberal]]. Redd Herring's philosophy is the unseen third eye of American politics, located on the forehead of [[ ...Coulter|'''Ayn Rand:''']] Heavily saturated with the teachings of Herring, Rand wrote [ The Fountain Red (1943
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  • ...''' is an Ancient [[Greek]] beverage used for interrogation of suspected [[philosophy|philosopher]]s, such as the [[terrorist]] [[Socrates]], and the public rewa ...ietors of the some of the worlds most respected wineries, most notably Ayn Rand, who was quoted as saying "The stalwart consuption of fouty-six or fourty-s
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  • ...dha]] ([[Pāli]]/[[Sanskrit]] "the watery awakened one"), as told through [[Rand Paul]]. Aqua Buddha was a good friend of Davy Crockett and lived and taught ...ized: [[Bong|Bongavada]] ("The School of the Marijuana Huffers") and [[Ayn Rand| Aynrandayana]] ("The Great Libertarian Adventure"). Bongavada—the oldest
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  • ...scandalous libertine existence, voting for third parties and reading [[Ayn Rand]]. He also whipped people and spanked them a bunch, often while wearing stu ...20 Days of Sodom]]", "[[Justine]]" and the accompanying "[[Juliette]]", "[[Philosophy of the Bedroom]]" (his first non-fiction philosophical treatise). He soon
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  • ...efforts to bring about this new (and yet very old, even ancient) political philosophy! ...ists or fascists at the time, but they were arguably adherents of the same philosophy, thus anarcho-fascist claims to the title anarchist are actually arguably '
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  • Rand: Minister of Language Enforcement. When the ever patriotic Rand was but a regular civillian, he was an activist for equal status of the lan
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  • ...for her philosophy like most thought. No, the book and her "Objectivist" philosophy were but vehicles for her showing her concept of the ideal [[John Galt|man] the Hopton Stoddard Home for Subnormal Children. (Spoiler Alert: Ayn Rand doesn't believe in giving to charity.)]]
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  • ...tion is in that young man's position. The monster is Immanuel Cunt."|[[Ayn Rand]]|Cunt}} ...e at least as to the necessary moral status of the unnatural act. |Cunt on Rand on masturbation}}
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  • ...began publishing a comic book designed to introduce a mass audience to the philosophy of rational self-interest known as Objectivism. The comic book, '''Batlas'' [[Category:Comics]][[Category:Philosophy]][[Category:Germany]][[Category:PLS Entry Winter 2008]]
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  • ...rits who want to take cheap shots at the foundations of American political philosophy, and who are in denial about history and the happy fact that Americans won ...ies aspect of libertarianism which is actually far more fundamental to the philosophy than economics. Anti-Authoritarians have since tried to use the word Anarc
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  • ...s usually based on the principle of “[[justice]] as boredom”. The Oxford [[philosophy|philosopher]] [[Sir Jonas Rawlplug]] propounded his theory of the “veil o *[[Ayn Rand]]
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  • ...(Home of the Striking Titans) he took a double major in [[Physics]] and [[Philosophy]], worked a full time job to pay his way, and stayed up all night at his pr ...ew -- as does any Randian hero -- everything he needed to know about her [[philosophy]], morality and outlook on [[life]]. A Randian hero always knows these thi
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  • ...theory is now a central pillar of modern economics, [[philosophy|pragmatic philosophy]] and [[The Ten Commandments]].
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  • ...e invention of bestiality in his book ''Island of Dr. Morreough''), "[[Ayn Rand|The Old Hag]]" (whose sexual appetites for pre-pubescent boys is insatiable ...ould mark his perminent break from the SWP, and, in keeping with Trotsky’s philosophy of [[Permanent Factionalism]], LaRouche created his own sub-school of Marxi
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  • Karl Marx also had a short-lived career on the German International Philosophy Team during the 27th Silly Olympiad in Munich. He was substituted into the #Laughing constantly at [[Ayn Rand]].
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