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  • {{Q|Well, It's better than [[family guy]]|Oscar Wilde|Pimp My Ride}} <del>{{Q|You never pimped my ride you son of a B, sorry to use harsh letters.|Dane Cook|Xzibit}}</del> Sorry
    3 KB (612 words) - 05:18, 31 May 2012
  • {{Q|Two Pimpies for a shackle, they'd say... |Very Old Roman|Pimped}} '''Pimped''' was first coined by the Roman consul Marcelius Poserius in the late 3rd
    5 KB (835 words) - 09:33, 31 May 2012
  • ...lly try to beat him up before he steals their car and takes it off to be [[pimped]]. *Dave: He is the boss of the pimp crew and is so merciless he once pimped the entrie workshop in 2 hours.
    2 KB (408 words) - 21:25, 16 December 2011
  • ...he owner. For example, in the second season, Jackie Pringle had her matrix pimped. It was a simple 2X2 matrix P, where P= ...-4 & 3 \end{pmatrix}</math>. The inverted P was added to the start, hooked up to the MP combo and was ready to roll. When Jackie saw her new matrix it ha
    4 KB (675 words) - 02:09, 3 September 2012
  • ...all kinds of wisecracks and dirty jokes about it before the user gets fed up and calls the cops on some drunk [[black people|black person]] masturbating People are usually overjoyed to have their sigs pimped out, but some of these ungrateful bastards have only criticism and sarcasm
    5 KB (865 words) - 23:42, 19 October 2015
  • {{Q|Well, It's better than [[family guy]]|Oscar Wilde|Pimp My Ride}} {{Q|We put a yo air filter!!!|Mad Mike|Pimp My Ride}}
    9 KB (1,485 words) - 06:19, 30 May 2012
  • * "pimped Stephen Hawkings Ride" in MTV show pimp my ride Wheel chair Special [2006] DISCLAIMER: Stephen Hawkins was fucked up before Ian fitted the Nitrous Oxide.
    2 KB (367 words) - 10:50, 31 May 2012
  • {{Q|5-point navigation, niggah!|Xzibit|the [[Pimp My Ride|pimped-out]] Tundra Force X3 Sheer Wallop}} ...y car that passes near it. Its sturdy, 50'x40' rear bed quite easily takes up the entire width of an 8-lane highway and juts out well into the surroundin
    3 KB (569 words) - 07:07, 10 September 2012
  • ...end his time killing off his father's minions, cutting down trees, blowing up statues or simply drinking booze, eeerhm I mean drinking health potions! ...trusted Werebull to be there wether he needs to travel countless miles or ride into battle.
    10 KB (1,743 words) - 04:05, 31 August 2012
  • a vehicle can stand up ''with only two wheels''. It can reach speeds of up to 6 mph, which has led to a ban of Segways on sidewalks. This came as a bi ...hough upset with earlier models, Snoop Dogg became pleased with his pimped up version with bling.]]
    4 KB (656 words) - 06:48, 6 September 2012
  • ===On His Ride=== ...ess. Limo tint too. The 'rents are gonna sell it to me. Fo' rizzle! Savin' up the mad scrilla for some [[wheel|big shoes]], yo. Wit' spinnaz 'n chrome. T
    7 KB (1,145 words) - 23:03, 9 December 2013
  • ...oy'. Competitions for this sport don't usually do well, as when they wake up, nobody can remember who actually won. Referees are usually part of the fa ...ld get more voters anyway, from the whities that support them for sticking up to the UMI for once.
    4 KB (702 words) - 05:47, 6 September 2012
  • is Americas national sport, it involves very fat men and chav's pimping up their shitty Peugeot 106's and seeing how long it takes to kill themselves. ...s of things, but anyway, the racing seems to involve two Gangsters meeting up, grunting at each other and then blasting off in their Fait 500's.
    7 KB (1,228 words) - 20:07, 21 October 2015
  • ...etwork which is currently in it's third series. It's precursors, [[Pimp My Ride]] and [[Chav My Chariot, UK]] have both been popular enough to allow MTV to ...through the addition of $30,000 of stereo equipment and glitter. Pimp Thy Ride is an attempt to expand the sphere of MTV's influence into areas which migh
    10 KB (1,783 words) - 07:31, 3 September 2012
  • ...t they release pheromone be taken as "hey u sexy babe, a got 'pimped up ma ride' carz like hunderd milli staxxx here, y doncha vizit mah crib n hav sum sex
    4 KB (692 words) - 03:57, 11 September 2012
  • ...all humankind. The [[French]] were the first to do so, eventually building up a large cheese empire that has subsequently been conquered by any occasiona cheese and its correlation to the moon. His groundbreaking studies came up to this astonishing conclusion: Holy Cheese came from the [[moon]]. His rad
    11 KB (1,734 words) - 23:04, 9 December 2013
  • Gangsterphrenia is a mental disorder that spreads through either bad up-bringing or through lack of education or plain tardness. It affects mostly take part in [[Rap Battles]] and [[Illegal Street Racing]] with their ''Pimped'' out rides.
    4 KB (701 words) - 06:54, 10 September 2012
  • ...ight (The Chav is a nocturnal creature), sometimes using their 'pimped out ride' to burn rubber. This releases a large cloud of smoke, which groups of Chav ...and 'rnb'. However, it is quite impossible to dance to this music (jumping up and down in time with the 'bass drum' has replaced dancing in this case) an
    8 KB (1,341 words) - 09:37, 11 July 2012
  • ...wannabe GAA (Gaelic Athletic Accociation) shit head who's idea of a pimped ride is their fathers Massie Ferguson Tractor. around 12 in Squires or if feeling dangerous The Barge. One would move up the ladder to the Quayside and once it had been mastered and you had gradua
    7 KB (1,199 words) - 05:50, 30 May 2012
  • all have big heads then why are they all so stupid to fuck themselves up? ...e by the overwhelming ignorance in Woodcrest. Riley somehow manages to end up shooting a rich man's son through a window, and Granddad pretends to be the
    7 KB (1,163 words) - 07:05, 12 March 2016

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