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  • =The Ten (or so) Suggestions=
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  • When Ol invented the expression, he also made ten suggestions on how to keep a balanced diet, consuming nothing but Medd.
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  • First discovered in the late twentieth century, in the past ten years, '''Elderly People Attempting to Use Computers''' have expanded their '''IF ANYONE IS READING THIS PAGE, I'M SUFFERING FROM WRITER'S BLOCK. ANY SUGGESTIONS?'''
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  • == Shirts Off Party Requirements / Suggestions == ===Suggestions===
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  • ...of Menegroth. His first experience as a journalist occurred at the age of ten, when Rumil and his younger sister Rosemary began producing a household new ...more histories of [[Middle-earth]] than any other person, despite several suggestions from the Great and the Wise that perhaps Middle-earth didn't need quite so
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  • ...ple elects members of a 100 person voting advisory panel, who give helpful suggestions to the current governor of who he (she) shall appoint to Senate, and the Se ===Article Ten: General Provisions===
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  • ...there's someone out there powerful enough to save you. Might I make a few suggestions? ==Step Ten==
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  • ...ut his best position is as number eight in a [[team]] otherwise made up of ten Tony McDonnells. ...port]] and has lead to a large increase in their Stand Up Tanning service. Suggestions that most of these increased sales came from Gary himself spending his spon
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  • ...attention of the public in 2007 at their national symposium "Greek-Fest". Ten thousand geeks had gathered in the private dining hall of former parliament However the top three suggestions have been poo-pooed by experts in New Zealand, citing BOFL (Breakdance On F
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  • [[Image:Virgil_the_Great.gif|thumb|right|300px|Virgil spent ten good years of his life working on the Illiad. Here he is shown after a figh ...o fight, realised they hadn't really made any headway and were open to any suggestions. A few of the kings sat round the fire one night and Odysseus, stoned out o
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  • ...n in Seattle who was part of the research team. "But they're going to find suggestions for where to look for a large gas chamber." ...t of our DNA. The number of genetic differences between Jews and sharks is ten times smaller than that between those other vermin, mice and rats.
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  • ...advice, ''per se'', but I hate it when Colin Powell gives me porn-related suggestions. Like, I'll be sitting in my room looking at, and I'll lo ...gave him some [[anthrax|facts]] to present that weren't true. After about ten minutes, I'm just thinking, ''jeez, just let it go, man.''
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  • awful smell of the finest ale for half a mile around. For entertainment suggestions please consult the 'nightlife' section and after doing this think very wise ...If you step within 5 metres of its looming fences you will attract around ten paedophiles and two rapists - and that's just from within the school.
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  • ...ft). This sudden process often occurs over a time period of approximately ten seconds. Should the tetrid gain one pixel, it will be classified as a [[gu ...quickly make up their mind what should be done with them and submit their suggestions to the World Congress as soon as possible. WHY ARE YOU WAITING?!? WHY ARE
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  • ...90 percent are unaware of the fact that A Modest Proposal was satire. Any suggestions on ways to draw more attention to our cause? Translator/Medium: Does anybody else have any suggestions?
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  • ...he donated an incredible one hundred and twenty three tons of blood over a ten year period. Dracula almost lost his counthood just eighteen months later a ...The author of the article in no way agrees with any of the following wrong suggestions:
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  • ...d over seven bazillion albums, each one of which went on to sell well over ten trillion copies worldwide. [[Polka Rock]] has never been the same since. Th ...suggested to change their band name over forty thousand times a week. Some suggestions they had were "The High Letters," "One Way," and "Stop Sign." In the end, T
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  • ...le shindig and stages a dazzling comeback with the revelation of the [[Ten Suggestions]]. Suffering shin splits from all that walking, the Israelites create a Go
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  • ...lliband'''’) have been at the forefront of British eating competitions for ten years now. Ed (1969-), born around the time of the release of [[The Beatles ...a passport. The World Food Organisation has failed to directly contradict suggestions by several NGO’s that this is directly related to global food shortages.
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  • ...mpire to improve the city. Frege had to compete with many other compelling suggestions such as upgrading the city's sewage system and building new hospitals, but ...list took another four years with most of the work being done in the last ten years. There whole process was dogged by accusations that Frege had left ou
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