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On Hangin' 'round tha Mall


"Yo, yo, yo! Whatchu doin' 'round here? Scopin' out de bitches? We should hit the Orange Julius 'n slip a forty into that cupizle. Get wasted, yo. That'd be tight...jus' gotta find someone to boot some boozizle from dat liquor store down tha strip fo' us. My mama scrapped my fake I.D. When I'm ayt-to-the-teen I'm so gettin' my own pad, yo."

On Whips

Suburban Homeboy's whip, yo. Owned by his parents. He can borrow if he's willing to drop off his little sister at ballet class.

On His Ride

"See the Vee Oh El Vee Oh? Dat's how I ride. Damn! Got the phat tip, 'n everything. Fo' incha, no less. Limo tint too. The 'rents are gonna sell it to me. Fo' rizzle! Savin' up the mad scrilla for some big shoes, yo. Wit' spinnaz 'n chrome. Then I'm gonna go front to back 'n side to side. Ah, yeh. It's gonna takes me awhile, mowin' lawns don't pay shit. Tha man's jus' tryin' ta keeps down a nigga, ya knows what I mean?"

Your ride, slightly pimped. Note the stock steel wheels.

On Your Ride

"Your whip is a Vee Dub? Damn, yo! Doze wheels are tight! Your ride is all that. Damn. Fast 'n furious, yo. Ah-ite? Holla if you wit' me."

On Girls

On Tryin' to Get All Up in That

"Damn! Check out the caboose on that ho, yo. Be-yatch runnin' like a freight train. Know what I mean? An' I'm tha conducta, yo. Girl, you got it goin' on! Come get some white chocolate. Drop the hero and get with a zer.."


"You betta bounce, bitch. Be'fo I go carayzah an' bus' a cap in your ass."

On the Lack of Gettin' All Up in That

"She's frontin'. Girl za dyke. Ah-ite. 'Nuff said, yo."

On Material Possessions

On Money

"Hook a brutha up, yo. Needs ta get a four oh. Four oh Big Gulpizle at the Sev'n double-one, that is. Ha ha. Gotsta pick up some rubbuz too, my baby's mama been trippin'. She won't play wit'out tha slicka on mah pricka. Ya knows?"

Suburban Homeboy: "Thug 4 life, yo. I wax a chump like a candle."

On Bling

"Yo, check this out, yo. S'hype or what? Chain. Gold, mutha fucka. Fo' real, four, fo' karot. Fo' kay! Original gangsta. Aw, yeh."

On School

"I'm prolly gonna go ta summah school. Teacha says I'm failin'. It's all bullshizzle, yo. They just missunnastanz me, yo. They can't see my mad skillz...skillzizzle...skillzizzles...

I'm a poet, betcha didn't know it...

A lyrical masta', pimpin' gangsta,

microphone assassin, sub speakas blastin',

cow tippin', crazy trippin',

out runnin' the five-oh, in tha Volvo.


and ya don't stop, hip to tha hop.

A hippah. A Hoppa.

Aw, yeh. Break it down now."

On Entertainment


On T.V.

"You watch Birdman comma Harvey last nite? Damn, that shit's hilarious. He's all, "I'll take the kizzase!". I laughed my azzass off, yo!"


On Movies

"Lemme aks you, you seen Sideways yet? Sho' I thought it'd be whack, but no...damn! It's all 'bout some niggas takin' the whip through wine country, man. Fo' real. It's all filled up wit' emotional shit, yo. I'd call up my ho 'n tell her 'bout it, but mah momma gone an' tookid away my phone line, yo. She even cancelled tha broadband. We'zizzle back on tha dy-al up-ah. Myspaceizzle is all molasses now. Can't hardly play Unrizzle Tournamizzle two kay four no mo'. Fo' real."

Ben Franklin, kickin' it old school

On Books

"...been readin' "Po' Richard's Almanac". Ben Franklin's not just on money, yo. "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise". Damn! That shit is tight. A brutha should go to the libary and check, check, check it out. Aw, yeh."

On Player vs. Game

"Hate the game, yo...not the playa. Ah-ite?"

On Parents

On Your Mom

"Yo, you shoppin' wit yo mama? Damn! That's whack. I'd never let my mama pull dat shit on me. I gotsta have my cap tipped sidewizzle. If tha' bitch ain't down wit' dat, dats her prob, ah-ite? I dress for las chicas, not my mama."

On His Mom

"I gotsta bounce, yo. My moms gots me on tha curfew. She be trippin'. Ah needs mah space, yo. Damn! Layta.

On Goodbye

"Peace. We outta here."

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