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This article is about The Cheat, from whatever website The Cheat is from. You may have been looking for The Code.

“Meh meh meh meh meh meh...wait, what the hell am I saying?”

~ Oscar Wilde on The Cheat
The Cheat

The basics

Ok, The Cheat is really hard to explain. Is he a cat? A cheese-anvil? The cross-breed experiment by Strong Bad of a Pikachu and a freakin' cheetah?

Nobody truly knows,except the two "men" previously mentioned. (Oscar Wilde and Strong Bad)

This mysterious creature likes to talk like Beaker from the Muppets and obviously, cheat. The Cheat cheats at everything. Card games, The Matrix, World of Warcraft, etc. Fortunately for real life, he only cheats at games. So, don't be worrying, no-arms man, Marzipan isn't breaking up with you for The Cheat.

God, if only we could understand The Cheat language . . . Strong Bad once tried to get the Cheat to say something normal, like "Douglas" and failed, in response to an email pleading for the Cheat to talk normal. The Cheat's birthday is unknown, so Strong Bad and company celebrate it on the only day they know it is't, the date on his fake id, that of a 3rd world miner. Something that really annoys The Cheat is when Strong Bad tries to speak his language.

The Cheat is also known for his creation, Suudsu, a concoction of Skim Milk and Gummy Bears, which is well liked by Strong Bad. He sleeps on a BBQ grill owned by another character, "The King Of Town" and is said to have trouble sleeping. He sleeps with a "security item", which proves to be a grodolated old sponge covered in bandaides he affectionally referres to as "The Denzel". The Cheat also enjoys a lullaby of a saw, and Strong Bad sining of "Bran Muffins !"

Other Suspected Teh Cheats

  • The Chekt: Looks exactly like The Cheat, except blue. Might even be just a blue painted The Cheat.
  • Milton: Unfortunately, he burned down the building when we asked for further information. Luckily, only Strong Glad died.
  • The Chibi: Supposedly a future version of The Cheat. Since we're not in the damn future, nobdy knows or cares.
  • The Sneak: Supposedly the past version of The Cheat. Unfortunately, worm food.
  • The Chet: Unfortunately, for some untold reason, also worm food.
  • Taehc Eht: Evil doppelganger of the Cheat from the Mirror Universe. Usually eats worms.

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