Tom and Jerry Maguire

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Tom and Jerry Maguire is the 1999 movie of the week starring Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) , an avid child pornographer with a pechant for witchcraft and cocksuckery and Jerry (Jerry O'Connell) who is always screaming the line "Show me the bunny!", a colorblind white supremacist who has dreams of becoming a former white supremacist. After the murder of his still-living wife, Tom seeks revenge on the bastard responsible: Jerry. The catch? Jerry doesn't exist, he's just a figment of an autistic boy's imagination. Whoops, ruined the ending.

Runtime: 387 minutes Rating : PG for scenes of intense violence, buggery, and homosexuals. Most grade-schoolers fine.



  • To be as realistic as possible, it was originally planned for Tom to actually commit suicide during the final scene. After twenty takes, Tom pussed out and instead sacrificed several small children in his place.