Uncle Rico

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Uncle Rico (or Uncle Filthy Rich) is a famous football player, rap artist and TV personality. He is known for his famous appearances on films and TV shows such as Napoleon Dynamite (and its subsequent sequel Napoleon Blownapart), Fake Genius, The Bartender, and various other friggin' retarded idiot TV shows. His hobbies include eating raw steak, huffing kittens and obsessing about '82.

He used to work with the Holy French Emperor, Napoleon Dynamite, but after obsessing about that stupid '82 all the time he kicked him out of the house. Since then, Rico has dreamed about being a football star "if only I could go back to '82". Once, his nephew Kip, a mad scientist, built a time machine, but the stupid piece of crap didn't work and instead ended up electrocuting Rico and killing him.

Rico went to the Pearly Gates, but they wouldn't accept him because he kept on fantasizing about '82. So they instead sent him to Purgatory, where he was trapped in '84. That made him miserable! He couldn't stand it, but finally he gave up on '82 and was allowed to return to the real world where he took revenge on his mad scientist nephew, picking him up and hurling him down the reactor shaft of the Death Star.