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The abominable figure known as Teh TJ.

Teh TJ is the main Antagonist of the 2012 Playstation 4 game Grand Theft Auto: CounsilE State, where the Mafia leader turned Police Officer and part-time Drug Dealer incorporates all of the traits of the antagonists of the Playstation 2 classics.

The main Protagonist Rick o'Shea must pursue his former boss in order to uncover the secret drug plot in the state, travelling to 7 different cities in the process and taking on such ruffians as Claire Voiant, Robin Holmes, Bill Gates and the 1987 starting line-up of the Denver Broncos.

Teh TJ in his early years.

It is later revealed that Teh TJ is actually Richard Branson trying to open the new drugs arm of Virgin, before he gets owned by Bill Gates's Binary. Gates then turns into a Visual Basic and tries to hack the CIA mainframe, before being re-written by Rick's 1337 P\/\/n/=\93!!!1shift!