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Chancellor Victor Sopot was the chancellor and leader of The Commonwealth for 15 years.

“Does anyone actually remember this guy?”

~ Bill Clinton on Victor Sopot

Victor Sopot came to power after his victory in a military overthrow of the legitimate Commonwealth government. He first started as a liberator but as with most leaders, Sopot grew corrupt with power and began a 15 year long dictatorship. Sopot became an iron fisted dictator who ravaged The Commonwealth, and began highly expensive scientific experiments to create an unstoppable army, with which he could conquer the entire world.

Sopot at first tested normal soldiers and turned them into super soldiers, however Sopot soon began to fear his creations and ordered all 2000 of them executed. All of them were killed, all except six. The escaped renegade joined the Red Faction, a group of rebels against Sopot's regime and began to fight back. The murder of these 2000 super soldiers was to prove fatal for the dictator, as it spurred their former comrades onto a bloody revenge.

In place of these super soldiers, Sopot created mindless abominations that would not fight back against him. Sopot became secure that it would be this army that would overrun and conquer the planet for him. However The Red Faction remained a constant thorn in Sopot's side and so he began a heavy propaganda project against them. He deemed them as dangers to both The Commonwealth and it's citizens, and at once placed the death penalty upon anyone seen associating with The Red Faction or their fighters.

After 15 years of brutal and dictatorial rule, Victor Sopot was finally overthrown. The Red Faction stormed into the television studio, where Sopot was giving a speech and attempted to assassinate the corrupt chancellor, however this attempt failed and Sopot escaped. However The Red Faction caught up with him inside a missile silo in his military stronghold. Sopot, whilst attempting to destroy The entire Commonwealth with a nuclear missile was stopped and shot dead by Alias, a former super soldier turned Red Faction activist. Sopot's body was burnt and a chapter in The Commonwealth's history came to an end, leaving the doors open for democratic reform. However democracy never returned to The Commonwealth and such is Sopot's ever lasting monument and grip over The Commonwealth and it's citizens. In spite of his numerous accomplishments, Victor Sopot will most likely be forgotten in about a year because he never appeared in Red Faction 1, and because Red Faction 2 sucked ass.

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