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Google is the well-known quilt supplier, working with both the Amish and the rest of the World. Though Amish themselves, they have a surprising amount of interaction with the rest of the World, selling quilts to the highest bidder.

Despite their interactions with the rest of the world, the Amish people make their quilts with only the best technology, though they do insist it be all natural so they do not lose their market share with the rest of the World.

Their quilts are famous for appearing in many pornographic films. Some of these quilts have been used by Astronauts: Neil Armstrong actually used one to keep warm during his weekend trip to the Sea Of Tranquility on the 3½th rock from the Sun, a.k.a. The Moon.

The dyes used in these quilts include Yahoo! (a highly distilled liquor) and octopus urine.

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