Your Mother

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“If Tamia had a dick, she'd fuck your mom

~ Butthead to Beavis

“What'd you say about my mom, I kick yo' ass!”

“I'm officially dissin' you”

~ Tamia on her mother

somwnerbfvwhuiwerbvldfvncewrvbodyfeornconcene vtold me the world was gonna roll meYour Mother, not to be confused with Your Mom is always right, even if she tells you to kill a bunch of people and go on a murderous rampage while cross-dressing, that's right, I'm referencing that classic of move cinema James and the Giant Peach. In this film, over 18's only, your mother interacts with a giant peach. This is basically the entire plot of the excellent 5 1/2 hour movie extravaganza. I for one can't wait for the sequel !!

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