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A place in the center of Paneveggio where teenagers use to drink "Bambalis" and smoke cigaretes or marijuana.

Local Citizens[edit]

  • Nerka(Full name Nerijus) - Nr.1 raper and producer, gathers empty bottles of beer for living. A student of "Kranto Mokykla" university. Likes G&G Sindikatas, Stano and girls. Currently working as an actor in "Kranto Mokykla" theater.
  • Romka - the oldest citizen in "Kiemelis". Always drunk, always searching for truth. He is a father of a famous Lithuanian comedian Raimondelis
  • Ginte The Singer - professional singer. Will sing for money or "bambalis". The author of such songs like "Raskila", "The song about a cat" and "Juodas Golfas, niaukti langai"