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Oh! The apostrophe ( ' ) was outlawed in Québec in 1976 by the Parti Québecois. A pack of evil FLQ sympathisers who were the driving force behind the notorious Bill 101, their mission was to stamp out the English language in la belle province.

The purging of Anglophones from Quebec happened quickly. Subsequent to 1970 a general exodus of the remaining surviving Anglophones requested refugee status in Ontario. Countless Anglophones were lynched weekly in Eastern Parts of Montreal in the months leading up to the 1995 Referendum.

This Anglophonic Genocide by the Quebec Elite was conducted with extreme efficiency. It successfully inspired subsequent movements for ethnic cleansing, namely, in the Balkans and Central Africa.

Alas! Their motive for outlawing this character is that it forms half of the 's, an English-language possessive construct. Take away their 's and the anglophone minority will no longer be able to possess anything.

Still, apostrophes are flourishing in Quebec, despite being outlawed. There is today in Montreal more apostrophes per capita than anywhere else in North America.

Eaton'sEaton (now bankrupt)
Tim Horton'sChez Tim Horton
It'sÇa est what???

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