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The symbol ^ was created in 1806, by Australian Prime Minister John Howard in their attempt to create an upside down version of every letter of the English Alphabet, starting with the letter V. For whatever unknown reason, Australians felt that everything should be upside down, which was the reason they flipped the earth 23 years later. For several years, Australia went on a mad rampage flipping things left and right. In 1837, Australian forces moved throughout the "Outback" which he now called the "Up Front," flipping turtles, cars, even people. Later, he traveled to Tasmania and un-spun all the Tasmanian Devils, and instead, placed them neatly upside down. File:Australia.JPG

Political Uproar[edit]

Relatively quickly after the initial change, many countries declared that changes of their own would be made. This included some political change.

New Zealand[edit]

A few years after the creation, New Zealanders, finding themselves too close to Antarctica, felt that the creation of the ^ caused too much confusion. Unfortunately, their anger was suppressed, as they felt their island was too small to have any effect. In the long run, they felt that Australians were NOT at the top of the world, and that they were still a little bit higher, so over a century later, after some humiliation by Australia and France, the Australio-New_Zealdraic_War eventually was prompted.


Meanwhile, a second Cold War was started between Australia and Russia. Russia realized they were no longer at the top of the world, which prompted some competition. Russian Reversal was the finely tuned product of the Russians, in response to the flipping of the world, and they promptly began reversing everything and anything in sight.

Stalin (Who just happened to be around at the perfect time), ordered this "tool" that Australia created to be placed on the top of every nuclear warhead. It seemed aerodynamically fit for flying objects, as the pointy hard plating increased speed. Soon after Stalin died, his vision came to life, as a bow launched the first arrow into space, frustrating the Australians dearly.

Public Image[edit]

The ^ had created some public image. In several countries, this popular icon was used as a style of dress, and even sweeped the American Nation with wide varieties of popular interest. Magazines, newspapers, movies, TV shows, this icon was popular amongst them all.


Australia became the first country to Tax ^ in 2003 with the ^,~,_ Restriction Act of 2003.