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`1234567890 (pronounced "MyPantsAreOnFireAndIHaveAGlassOfRootbeerOnMyHead") is the longest word that can possibly be made on 1 row in the keyboard. `1234567890 is commonly used to express the warm/cold sensation of having one's crotch aflame, whilst having one's head doused in the fluid of gods.

Sentence example[edit]

  • At night I feel like `1234567890, herr doktor
  • Louise how come `1234567890?
  • FUCK YOU `1234567890 !!!!!!!!!!!111eleven
  • Two drummers walk into a bar, which is funny cause the second one should have seen it coming
  • `1234567890 matey.


Of course this is 1337 speak, and was invented by John Paul II during a heated game of Counterstrike: Divine Renegade. Needless to say the Pope was a terrorist, and pwned dem n00bs. It was at that point that Mother Superior walked in and whacked Johnny Boy across the back of the head, sprawling his left arm arcoss the keyboard so that he typed " `1234567890 " to all his divine teammates. Upon regaining consciousness he explained, so as to look like an innovative genius, that `1234567890 meant "MyPantsAreOnFireAndIHaveAGlassOfRootbeerOnMyHead", and that he had just experienced this feeling.

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