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The Åland Islands are a Kekkoslovakian colony and naval base. It consists of the outmost scattered rocks and skerries of the Swedish Capital Stockholms archipelago. It's hardly inhabited, but the little there is of culture, language and history has no more in common with the Finnish ditto than common sense and soberness has.

Legal situation[edit]

These islands have been adopted by Finland in good consencus for reasons of legal tax reductuion.Since Åland has self rule from Finland in all aspects except foreign politics, it has been forced to join the EU, yet refusing to be a member, a fact that has made the insels in a legal quirk rendering EU:s tax administrators a heavy migraine as huge as it's consecutive Baltic Business Beach Barbeque Boost Party.


The Åland islands a archipelago splintered into a totally disorganized piece of land in the attempts of keeping Kekkoslovakia, Finland and Sweden from bashing their heads - or is it their pelvises ? - into each other. The geography of the islands is constantly altered by the amount of black water and waste flowing out of the Beach Party theme park, thus further complexing the payments of EU's agricultural subsidies.


As many lakes as Finland has, double it ten times and it is still fewer than the Åland insels. Take that sum and double it ten times moreover and it is still less than the number of Swedes that yearly go over there to get drunk on cheap booze


Åland was discovered Urho Kekkonen in the beginning of the 21st century. Before that there lived many primitive people who come there whit sinking submarines from Sweden.

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