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Åsane is a remote village located just north of Bergen, although it has been invaded and occupied by the Bergenites since the 1960s under a plan known as "municipality merging". Prior to this Åsane was located in a country called Norway, but after its annexment it is a de facto part of the city-state of Bergen.


The people in Åsane (Åsanites) have the following characteristics

  • The main language is a variation of Norwegian called Bokmål, also known as Danish. That they don't speak nynorsk (i.e. the hypermodern Norwegian) is a direct result from the Bergenite invasion who imposed their language upon the Åsanites.
  • Åsanites are extremely patient, who routinely enjoy spending hours in traffic jams during the morning.

Notable landmarks[edit]

  • In the north is Nordhordland Bridge. This was created in 1994 in a desperate attempt to flee the occupying forces to safe lands in Norway. The fact that people that far North speak the unintelligible nynorsk has limited this stream of refugees.
  • In the east is the Bergen Prison (Bergen landsfengsel). This was established as a way of deporting criminals, traitors, tax evaders and drunk drivers from Bergen to the colonies. The idea was inspired by Australian history.
  • In the village square is the main shopping center, Åsane Senter. A far more famous landmark however is Noah's Ark (Arken), located just to the east of the shopping center. Deciding that two shopping centres are better than one shopping center, the Bergenite army established a shopping center within Noah's Ark as well. This caused God to get very very angry, and he has punished the Bergenites by unleashing a storm of rain upon the Bergenites every day.