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UPN (or Universal Programming for Negroes), which is sometimes simplified to UPN, is a major television network known for its diverse programming, consisting of over 1,500 television shows running on parallel time slots. It encompasses every major genre of television, marking its placement well above the #1 most watched television network in history.

The first President of ↑N was Damon Wayans. He lead ↑N to greatness very quickly.

Famous shows to air on ↑N:

  • You know that one comedian who told really funny jokes? Well you won't find that here. But you can watch him talk.
  • Fifteen minutes of fame.
  • Twenty-five minutes of fame.
  • One full half-hour of fame (not including commercials).
  • Sci-fi: The series
  • Cancelled on Fox: What you really shouldn't bother watching.
  • Why we're better than the WB (and why you should throw away that remote)

UPN is said to stand for "United Pretzels of Nigeria" and "United Pie Nation".

The show The Parkers, UPN's most successful comedy since Malcolm and Eddie was cancelled in 2005 when comedian Mo'Nique allegedly ate the show.

In January 2006, it was announced that ↑N and The WB were to merge as The CW Network.

Before this however, the ↑N was known for shows like Girlfriends, and other African American programming. While specualtion towards what the "UPN" stands for exists, UnderPaid Negroes is the confirmed ex-name of the station. With the name change, reporters were told that the new name stood for "The Customary Welfare system". White people shows were also introduced at the same time.

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