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…of Doom is a phrase, or verbal additive, that when added to anything, be it an object, concept, place or just a random collection of syllables, increases said objects 1337 factor or “Leetness” by over 5 kiloleets.


For example an ordinary Castle is only worth 1.2 kiloleets, however a Castle of Doom becomes worth over 6.2 kiloleets!

A notable example of this in history is the failing Bush administration who gain several percentage points when, weeks before a vital election, they changed there name to “The Administration of Doom”. When questioned members of the public replied:

“Well its better to have a group that admits its up’to no good, than some one who says they are out for your best interests, you never no what they’ll do. Also that name it so kewl.”

According to the professor of 1337, H4xx0r and Political Science at Oxford University the party might have gained upwards of 0.5 Megaleets, scientifically more than was normally be expected for the “…of Doom” additive. He states the addition gain likely came from “A combination of factors” and refused to further elaborate.

Increased Power Resultant from Additive[edit]

In addition to increasing an objects Leetness, adding “of Doom” to a weapon makes it 10% more deadly. To illustrate take a normal sword and slash someone with it last shouting “Eat my sword” and measure the death of the cut, now take the same sword and slash a second person (Side Note: it may help to conduct the experiment in a separate room to the were you store the people) this time screaming “Eat my Sword of Doom”. Comparing the cuts you will see that the second slash is measurably deeper.

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