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A .Sig (or Signature) is a conventional means of ending a message posted to Usenet or a message forum. A signature traditionally contains the poster's handle or alias as well as several of the following items: computer specifications, cars the poster has, and/or "points" the poster has earned for insignificant accomplishments on the forum. A longer .sig commands more authority no matter how much of a Newb the poster is.


Due to the length of a .sig and the fact that no one ever finishes reading them, a .sig provides considerable security in that it is nearly impossible to reproduce, meaning that a signature can be used to uniquely identify a poster and verify the authenticity of the post. A .sig is more secure than a PGP signature.


The .sig is one of the most important pieces of formatting within the internet forum, or fora, world:

  • It allows a user to tell a joke over and over, to great amusement of oneself, and great annoyance of others
  • It allows a fast way to tell if another user believes in the same things, and therefore whether to give the "thumbs up" smiley or the "scowl" smiley.
  • Signatures make you sexy
  • A spoonful of .sig helps the medicine go down

Rules for .Sigs[edit]

It is generally acknowledged that if you are a newb to a site, you can pretty put whatever you want in your .sig until someone finds it and scolds you. After that, there are several rules to follow:

  • Your sig should be shorter than most posts, but longer than the smiley posts or scowl posts.
  • Never use a picture of yourself. Someone will inevitably go, "hey, whose that ugly girl/guy in your sig", no matter how good you looked smiling into the camera that you held just a few inches from your face.
  • Identify your gender. Use your real gender, unless you're "experimenting".
  • Using a picture of a hot celeb can be acceptable if in a casual forum; however, never use a celeb photo in a political site, and don't put a picture of a Wookie on a Star Trek site unless you want to get banned for life.

.Sig as a Name[edit]

In late 2000, many Democrats starting naming their children Dot Sig as a homage to Al Gore. This trend was much like the trend the 1960s for people to name their children after causes they believed in, as Cher and Sonny Bono did with their child Chastity. This trend culminated with the movie "Finding Nemo", where one of the central characters was named Dot, a turn of events that greatly infuriated many Republicans. This even caused the Deans of many Conservative American colleges to ban the watching of any movies at all.