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Illuminati Document 01449


Establishment of a bliss field in the Disneyland territories was first successful in the late sixties.
The early successes weren’t as great as we had hoped, but it was a beginning.
On a sporadic and limited basis, Disneyland became indeed the “Happiest Place on Earth.”
What an interesting coincidence that Mickey Mouse the Great chose that for a slogan.

Mickey Mouse the Great in those later years was so difficult, not as malleable as he was in the beginning.
We removed him from power using doses of rat poison placed in cheese.
Then our brethren  arranged it so that student demonstrations would bring down Donald Duck.
That Duck was too much of a wild card—a patriot.
The Great Council we established is so much more pleasant to deal with.
They are so much easier to manipulate, to blackmail, to flatter.
What can I say about Roger Rabbit and his ilk?

Our plans had gotten bigger in those post-Rat years of the seventies.
Our initial successes in bliss creation had to be established on a larger scale.
The great plan needed to move forward.
The agents in Florida suggested creating the Mickey Mouse League as cover for the new phase of the plan.
For the first time, we practiced our newly gained wisdom and science beyond Disneyland.
Our new operations near Orlando began in 1971.



The Mickey Mouse League has been most successful in its first decade of operation.
But we have outgrown the current infrastructure.
The times call for new expansion. Our plans should move forward.
I suggest a new base of operations in Japan beginning next year.
A long-term project to establish bases in Europe and China should also begin.
I believe that we almost have enough resources to begin building our ultimate machine on Castaway Cay.
We should strengthen our entertainment monopoly to secure funding for our ultimate goals.

May we see the Great Light in our lifetimes.

--Agent 2081
July 1, 1982.