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Illuminati Document 07701

December 6, 1986

Dear Ms. Streiber:

Thank you for bringing me into this project.
Since you have brought me to the path of Light, my eyes have seen things I never imagined possible.
The things you have shown me in the Matterhorn facility continue to amaze me.

I have finished my analysis of Artifact #486C. It’s not really a weapon at all.
I analyzed the particles that it was emitting. The small dust motes are quite amazing.
I had Gordon Moore analyze some of them. Each of the specks of dust is a transmitter!
Artifact #486C tracks every speck of dust that it produces.
Gordon believes that he may be able to commercialize some of the rudiments of this technology.
That should add to our bottom line.
The budget has been tight since we construction began on the Castaway Cay facility.

As for the more private benefits for our organization, I have been conducting experiments.
The small transmitters are easily embedded in ink and paper.
Since we abolished the passes in Disneyland, it has been hard to control the populace.
This technology might solve our problems.
We could embed this technology is something that is commonly carried, say paper currency.
We could then track all people who carried money.
The technology seems reasonably easy to reproduce. We could even deploy it throughout the entire league.
Wide deployment of these transmitters would allow us to preemptively deal with problematic individuals.

-- Mr. Anderson