10,000 years of darkness

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definition: 10,000 years of darkness (n) - that sate of darkness lasting 9,999 years (rounded to 10,000 for dramatic effect) 2 (vt) the state of being fucked due to the lack of sunlight.

How to Avoid 10,000 Years of Darkness[edit]

one may avoid the state of this all-fucking-darkness by not blowing up the sun.this way there will be only 12 hours of darkness each day which is alot cooler than 10,000 years

What to do if you have been fucked by 10,000 years of darkness

As stated by an ancient egyptian warlord (the last douchebag to blow up the sun)

"To create the light... kill the living dark."

Personaly, that makes no sense but maybe the dark is alive when there is no sun.

Theorys About Killing the Living Dark

Other than those ideas there is no known way to get the light to come back other then waiting for a new sun to form which takes 9,999 years, and by this time you will be so fucked by the darkness that the earth will be a ball of ice...