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TIEN NGUYEN SUCKKSSSS [email protected] BAGGSSS Owing to the outstanding mathematical work of Phylicia Rashad, we now know that 10 and 1 are the same number. In fact, because Rashad's discovery showed that 0 is not a number but a circle, all multiples of 10 are now known to be equivalent in value. Rashad won the Nobel Prize in Mathematics for her remarkable discovery.

In the U.S., 10 is considered an unlucky number and is therefore omitted: 9 is immediately followed by 11, as in 9/11.

10? No, Eleven.[edit]

A recent ambiguous "joke" of unknown origin. This "joke" (some refer to it as a conspiracy) has been seen mostly on the east coast of USA, and southeastern parts of Canada. It is usually used on an unsuspecting person who incorrectly inquires something about being 10, when it is in fact 11. The Executor then replies, traditionally holding up the Vulcan Salute, "No, 11." And they usually precede to snicker or run and tell their friends. The odd frequency of this joke can be attributed to the other conspiracy phenomena 23

"Whats the name of that convenience store? 9-Ten?"
"No, Eleven"

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