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Monkey's Die Harder

12 Monkeys : Monkeys Die Harder is a Bruce Willis action movie set in the modern day past of New York City (Obviously filmed in Chicago or Toronto, since New York City is a fictitious place). The movie is a sequel to 11 Monkeys : Monkeys With a Vengeance, the fourth part of a so-far unfilmed trilogy.

In this movie Bruce Willis is tasked with going forward in time to save the leader of the rebel group fighting Skynet, a self-aware cell phone service. Unknown to Bruce "Wild Willy" Willis is that he has been provided with incorrect information, forcing him to seek out the leader of an organisation that has no ties to any past, other than marijuana growers and zookeepers.

The movie was an abysmal failure, but still catapulted Wild Willy's career as a true actor, no longer restrained by the demand for thought provoking films or discernable plots.

To more confused viewers, the film is a deep work of art, described as an "amazing allegory on the duodecimal system as practiced by Roman necromancers." Their friends usually took this with the proverbial grain of NaCl, since these viewers also raved about the black and white Norwegian short, "Magnolia," which was a commercial sop to those who need to feel pretentiously superior by imagining depths where nothing but estuaries exists.

A little known fact about the film is where it got its name from; the 12 monkeys which live inside Bruce Willis' head and control him.