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The 1337 sequence (or the S3kw3nc3) is a mathematical progression of numbers starting at 1337. Progress to the next step is as follows; The numbers of the last step are converted into words e.g. 1337 becomes onethreethreeseven This is then translated into 1337 5p33k e.g. onethreethreeseven becomes 0n37hr337hr3353v3n Then the process is then repeated by application to this text and so on. Any letters that do not have a corresponding number in 1337 5p33k remain unchanged. This sequence has been compared to Pi, as it is endless and no one really wants to use it.

The 1337 sequence calculated[edit]

The first terms of the 1337 sequence are as follows; 1337

History of the 1337 Sequence[edit]

The 1337 sequence has been known about for a very long time. The Ancient Babylonian civilization knew of its existence, but were only able to calculate it to 3 places.

73h ul7imat3 h4x0r

In recent times the 1337 sequence has been computed to seventeen million places using b4d 455 supercomputers. Some major milestones are below:
1337: 1337 sequence computed to 1337 places
1991: 1337 sequence computed to 10000 places
1995: 1337 sequence computed to 60000 places
1999: 1337 sequence computed to 100000 places
2002: 1337 sequence computed to 5000000 places
2004: 1337 sequence computed to 7500000 places

In November 2006 a group of people called 73h pwn3r5 used their supercomputer: 73h ul7imat3 h4x0r!!!!!11110n30n33l3v3n to compute the 1337 sequence to one billion places, this pwned!!111 all of the earlier records and made 73h pwn3r5, w00t!!!11 with joy

Latest Developments:

On the 31st December 2006 at 23.59, the aforementioned '73h ul7imat3 h4x0r!!!!!11110n30n33l3v3n' supercomputer worked out the sequence to a billion and ONE (or as it has become to be known, the big B+! number). Unfortunately for everybody, the mindblowing mass and destructive power of the sequence broke free and hurt the computer's hamster in a wheel (aka: the uL1m4Te p0Wa S4uc3!!11!). This resulted in the whole world imploding into this hamster, giving him a nasty headache and nearly removed his testicles which annoyed him mightily!

The final words heard by anybody was the hamster declaring the message "omfg joo gawt pwnzrd! lolhax!"

God and the 1337 sequence[edit]

Some h4x0r5 believe that you can find messages from 73h big h4x0r himself in the 1337 sequence. One of the most prevalent of these beliefs is that there is a secret message at the 1337th place in the 1337 sequence. However, this place has been computed numerous times and examined closely, but as yet has revealed no secret message. Most skeptics claim that this whole theory and the sequence is not necessarily true, while believers still claim that one day this message will be found somewhere else in the sequence.


The 1337 sequence can be used to help solve many complex equations, such as finding the answer to |_1f3, t3h Un1v3r53, and 3v3ryth1ng. The h4x0r5 at n454 use it frequently to predict asteroid trajectories and sending spaceships to Mars. It was even used in the production of Windows Vista, but Microsoft programmers were unable to speak 1337 5p34k, because they are not 1337. Sometimes, it is needed in the production of Grues by the Underground Military of Japan. This poses a problem for China because they are not prepared for a full scale Grue invasion. For them, it could mean the end of the world as they know it.

Other uses include:

pwning n00Bs on counter strike
in exams
to pass your driving test
to find the tv remote. (note: the inverse of the 1337 sequence should be used for this problem)
h4xing the pentagon
creating Windows Vista
pwning Einstein at maths
ironing etc.

playstation 3 and the 1337 sequence[edit]

the 1337 sequence was used in the production of the playstation 3, this is why the playstation 3 pwns all the other consoles and is about liek Z0MG $1000. this is also the reason why many people camped for many years in a queue to be there for it's release date and be able to get one. this was shown by an interview by CNNBBCABCZOMG! news with one of the queuers:

journalist: we are here with jack; one of the queuers who has now been queueing for 12 years to get a ps3 wen it first comes out, tell me jack why have you been queueing for so long?
jack: liek Z0MGZORZ programmed with 1337 sequence Z0MG the graphics!
journalist: ok, so do you think that it is going to be what you expected?
jack: yes of course OMG reprogram with linux ZOMGZORXORZ!
journalist: right, so what do you think of the expensive price tag?
jack: it's liek worth it I would even buy it if it was liek ZOMG $10000 ZOMG xbox 360 suXX! it doesn't use the 1337 sequence ZOMGZORZ!

  • jack falls to the floor in a mad 1337 spasm shouting: "ZOMG 1337 sequence THE graphics! omgZOMG reprogram with linux ZOMG I PWN JOO NOOB AWP'ED H4 H4 I KNIFE JOO NOOB"

journalist: ok.... lets go back to the studio

Future plans for the 1337 Sequence[edit]

18/\/\ is planning to use their supercomputer 8|_(_)363|\|3 to pwn the last record of one billion and calculate the 1337 sequence to ten billion places, this would be a major achievement for science and maths alike. With this nearly infinite sequence, the nerd could fund an infinite power source through the Infinite Improbability Drive. This drive could possibly solve all of our problems or destroy everything that has ever been known to anyone. No one is entirely sure of what it can do because it would be improbable that we would ever finish the 1337 sequence to build such a device.

In short, M04R H4MST4RZ!