1901 Bill Legally Obliging Judi Dench To Appear In All British Films

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The 1901 Bill Legally Obliging Judi Dench to Appear in All British Films and Some Really Crappy American Ones Where She Seems Completely Out Of Place, was first discussed in 1876 when Judi Dench first appeared in a play in Biggleswade where here prescence was so desperately required due to the rest of the actors having contracted food poisening from a pickled beaver the night before and were unable to perform. As a result Judi Dench performed all parts in the now forgotten play. It was its first and last performance. The play was written by Colin Firth.

The Bill was turned into Law in 1915 to help morale in British films during the First World War. It was extended in 1919 and again in 1976. Prime Minister Tony Blair is infact so in love with the now Dame Judi Dench that he plans on again extending the law when it expires at the end of the 2006.