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The Germans never really stood a chance. Not after we got the X4 gun booster power up, anyway

The Parlophone Singles Disaster[edit]

Owing to a clerical error at record label Parlophone, a number of 7" singles were produced which needed to be played at 1945rpm instead of the more sedate 45rpm.

Faced with the public relations nightmare that would have ensued had the error been admitted, Parlophone ran with the 1945rpm speed for some years. Initial public reaction was somewhat negative, as a 7" would typically run for only eight seconds before finishing.

The reaction to this was to produce a larger version, and 1945rpm was adopted for long play albums. In order to give a usable length recording the discs had to be enlarged to 3 miles in diameter; surprisingly the inconvenient size was not the death blow to 1945, but rather the fact that the outer rim of the platter exceeded the speed of light as it was spun at such high speeds, causing strange happenings to occur in the (rather oversized) living rooms of music fans throughout the world.

To this day, law suits continue with families of those hi-fi buffs missing, presumed having undergone time travel trying to bleed Parlophone dry, like the greedy money sucking vultures people are. "Have you suffered a trip or fall? Has a family member died, been mangled, or dragged off to a different part of the timeline? We can sue people in exchange for your life savings." Bloody ambulance chasing lawyers. Scum.