1986 Kids' Choice Awards

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“I quite enjoyed it.”

~ Oscar Wilde on watching the show

The 1986 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards was the first of the many unpopular Nickelodeon award shows to follow. It was hosted by President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H. W. Bush on July 2nd of that year.

This Kids' Choice Awards was the most infamous for Lindsay Lohan's birth on stage. Only a few known VHS copies of the event exist somewhere in the world; many Nickelodeon officials claim this award show "never happened".

Historical Moments[edit]

David Lee Roth scrambles onto the stage

The first Kids' Choice Awards was well known for it's bad direction and foul language in a live children show. In Ronald Reagan's monologue he continued to lash out at "pinko commies" and asked all kids to get their parents to join the Republican Party. While Madonna performed the song Where's the Party? from her new album True Blue, her breasts were exposed in front of millions of children. Eddie Murphy was noted as repeatedly saying "fuck" while The Transformers: The Movie won the Blimp for Favorite Film. He then ran up on stage and told everyone to see The Golden Child, because "it's the best fuckin' thing to ever hit the mutha fuckin' theaters". Angus Young of AC/DC told an interviewer that the Award Show was a waste of time and could have been getting laid instead. When Sammy Hagar and the rest of Van Halen went to accept their Blimp for 5150, David Lee Roth ran up and pushed Hagar from the podium quoted saying "you need me guys!" as bodyguards pulled him away. At the end of the show, Dina Sullivan appeared at the edge of the stage and claimed "Lindsay Lohan will become the best new thing in films!" and popped out Lindsay Lohan. Ronald Reagan was barfed on by George H. W. Bush at the site of the birth.


-Nominees in bold were the winners-

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Both the approval ratings for Ronald Reagan and Nickelodeon dropped drastically. Children across America were confused and emotionally scarred. Many people thought this would be Reagan's own variety show but was intended for kids with short attention spans. Surprisingly the award show did better than the Academy Awards of 1986. In an end result, there was a demand for more of the Kids' Choice Awards. Dan Schneider reportedly said "These kids will watch any thing I put on television. As long as I get money from this I'll keep throwing more crap on Nickelodeon."

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